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BeastMaster 101

Quote from LordKorto on June 2, 2021, 12:19 pm
Quote from Dregs on June 2, 2021, 9:52 am

So, question on creature sizes. Are the creature sizes pre-NGE? I really really really want my Greater Sludge Panthers in their original wild size, and not shrunk down to Correlian Razor Cat size/template. 

Creature sizes have been restored to their default pre CU sizes. So they will be fairly big as standard. As a result the Shock Collar now reduces the size of the pet instead of increasing it. 

That makes me incredibly happy to hear!!  Thank you for the reply!

On that note, I have been out searching numerous GSP lairs but have not come across a hatchable egg even once. I'm starting to think it's not implemented. 

Just got an unhatched egg from a famished sludge panther lair, but it came out to be a correlian sand panther template/NGE style. I really hope GSP is actually attainable, but my hopes are dashed. 

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Quote from LordKorto on June 4, 2021, 6:40 am
Quote from devilzfan on June 2, 2021, 7:47 pm

Well, I tried google, but came up empty and couldn't get an answer in discord, so I'll try here. I'm going crazy. Got my first egg hatched as a novice creature handler. I have my little buddy all set at level 1. How do I get XP?

I tried having him attack mobs, but he just has a little "?" over his head every time I press the attack button. I tried putting him on defensive so he'd respond to me being attacked, but he doesn't do anything. I'm at a loss here on what to do. 

Thanks for any help you can give!

Hi Devilzfan,

Currently there are a number of bugs with CH. The issue you have where the ? appears is a bug. They simply dont attack. If you set your pet to defensive in the pet toolbar it will attack when you are attack. This is the only way for it to get xp.

Other known bugs :

Creature does not get up after being knocked down - you need to store and recall the pet

Creature Knowledge is not allowing players to use CK on creatures.

I have logged all of these within the bug reports section on Discord. Lets hope they fix it soon!

Thank you!

Maybe I am missing something- I have tried putting my level 1 pet on defense and have him a get some hits in, but I still get no CH or Pet xp.. Does the level of what I am fighting have a contributing factor (i.e. do I need to be fighting something close to my level or closer to the pets level?).  Any feedback or insight would be appreciated.



the creature you are fighting needs give you xp for the pet to get any xp


i was also trying to get a kliknik from Yavin as they look pretty cool, but couldn't loot an unhatched egg after 2 hours of riding back and forth on the north beach. i did manage to get 3 angler eggs in the meantime, but as someone also noted before, it came out NGE size

Well poop... a buddy said BE was alive again here. so with out research 🙂 I downloaded and started playing...... however now I see it's a 'mixed'  Beast Master.... just ugh...  I loved hunting DNA and making Compainions and Fighter/Tank pets to custom order based on mixing DNA as a Master Ranger/Master BE.

My issue is that from post-NGE Beast Master and the enzyme crap that came with it, is that we are functionally crippled from making custom High End pets due to the need of 89%+ Enzymes if your can't kill or find someone that will let you loot the parts needed.

But I let my friend know I will give it a shot... so here I am.

But please relabel and promote as Beast Master  (BE/CH) not Bio Engineer 🙁 


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