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Attribute Conversions? NGE to Resto3 (for RE)

In order to use it is essential to know the conversion of NGE stats to R3 stats.  Hoping to get some input from the community to save me the time testing and in turn have this thread for others to find the answer if they go looking.

Stat Conversions:
Strength -> Melee General *UNCONFIRMED*
Constitution -> Toughness *UNCONFIRMED*
Stamina -> Endurance *UNCONFIRMED*
Precision -> Ranged General *UNCONFIRMED*
Agility -> Defense General *UNCONFIRMED*
Luck -> Opportune Chance *UNCONFIRMED*

Would someone please confirm if these are correct?

If not please educate me on what is correct, I'll edit this post when confirmed or corrected.

Didn't realize I can't edit the original post, but I have confirmed that all of the above is indeed correct through my own trial.

what expertise do you need to make seas? 

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