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Adding HK units as an endgame craftable droid in Restoration III

Do you think this is a good idea?

I have never felt like the ending of the HK storyline was done true justice. I have always felt that with the abundance of HK-77s created by HK-47 it would be more then plausible for the player to have an opportunity to craft their own. I feel as if the crafting of an HK unit should be treated like Mandalorian Armor in the way you obtain certain pieces and schematics. I would love to see an option available to Droid Engineers that allows them to craft their own HK units out of rare and hard to obtain materials.

This idea has already been presented to Jar Jar and when asked he had said he never liked how the HK story ended, however, I would still like the opinion and ideas of the community. This is a subject that could bring new horizons to droid engineers and artisans and thus a subject of balance and how to obtain it is on the table. So let’s start discussions and voting shall we?

I would like to state quickly that I do not know if this is the right area for suggestions but I was told that this is a good place as any, if I am asked to move it somewhere else I will do so.

I 100% support that if possible. I love all of the old tech and anything to allow swg to improve and grow is something I support!

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