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account approval in same house

hey me and my brother want to play please approve the accounts we would like to play together thanks 🙂

Im the other account thats already approved his is not thanks i cant wait to play together 

ive waited 5 days still not approved please a mod or someone has to see this and all the others that want to be approved.  I seen some get on discord but i dont even have discord or know how to use it, guess im to old school for discord lol

My account was banned for multiple accounts, my son and I have both been playing.  I tried to do the multi-person request form but the get the message "At least one field must be filled out to submit the form".  I have tried multiple timvices and don't believe I am filling the form our incorrectly.  If some on could look into this that would be great.  We have been having a great time playing together.  The two accounts are Depin and Kegiv, if you need I can email the picture of our hands.  Or fix the form and I can submit when it is working correctly.  Even some direction in where to go from here would great.

I was finally able to finished the multi-person request form.  They only thing that I did different was change the picture.  The 2nd photo of our hands was lower resolution and a smaller file size.  Hopefully my son and I can get back to playing soon!

Where is the form to fill out ? Anyone post the link

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