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Aboard Claw Station, Endor (Text-Based Roleplay)

Hsskor calmly walks into the navigation room of Claw Station, the window to his left capturing a majestic view of the forest moon of Endor. Having just been debriefed by the admiral, he had a new sense of calm to him. Swiping away the old data of the war terminal, he motioned his claw and recalibrated the machine. The orders were in, and Operation New Imperium was about to begin…

His thoughts wandered as he began his long walk to his the hangar and his Tie Fighter. "Start in Mos Eisley? ", he thought to himself. "Of all places...."

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"Like sand in an hourglass, Tatooine will be lost to time." A voice cut the heft that was the silence preceding the storm. "I look forward to returning home come after."

A native of Naboo, Maxine Dagenais relished the chance to serve the Empire upon her own homeworld. What brought her to this station, however, was a squadron of Trandoshans who were inclined to pursue the same goal, or so she heard.

She began to walk in pace to one.

"But we shan't laze about after our transition, Trandoshan. I despise the Gungan species as I do any Rebel. I look forward to working with those who excel at the hunt. Let us pray that our prey yields all the points those such as ourselves so desire, whether they be Rebel or otherwise."

Her voice was smooth, yet there was an emotion behind it. Her words meant something; she did not speak emptily. To the right ears, she could be perceived as charming, but to others, a brooding villainess who took pleasure in selfishness, and misery delivered upon others. Perhaps a bit psychopathic as well.

She gazed toward the hangar when it was in view. While any fighter would do, nothing had yet to capture her heart. She could feel it. Feel that no mere TIE Fighter would be sufficient to please her. She needed more killing. She needed to kill better.

As she strode toward the hangar she spoke with an air of disappointment, "I do hope that when we can be entrusted, greater vessels will be supplemented. This is too bare for my tastes. My skills as a pilot cannot develop with this thing. I need something more. Something that screams my name while silencing those of my enemies."

She had her goals, no doubt. If she can survive long enough, perhaps she can reach them.

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