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A guide to Entertainer and Beyond

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Welcome to the world of the Entertainer, A world of Dance, Musicianship, and strangely Image Designing.  So what is an Entertainer ?, Many veterans won't need this explaining to them, although if you stopped playing in the PreCU, you may wanna read on and find out more as Entertainer and its mastery classes took on a few big changes. And even if you don't intend to be an Entertainer yourself, there's still good info to know about what an Entertainer can do for you to help you beat a Krayte Dragon, Win a pitched GCW campaign, come out victorious in the realms of PvP and can even help crafters boost their resources to get the absolute best-crafted item they can get.

So what's an Entertainer? It's someone that's there to help do exactly that, Entertain you in the times when you just want to chill, relax and just be with a group of people, and an Entertainer is a combatant's best friend because of the variety of way they can buff you up for nearly any activity in the world of Star Wars Galaxies.


Ent Header


The entertainer is the base profession for anyone wishing to carry on to be a master of the craft and be the brightest star out thereby mastering the craft of dancing, instruments, and the way of the scissors, or if you want to master just a single one of the three. Dancer, Musician, or Image Designer. it all starts with the Entertainer. The novice Entertainer gives you a taste of what to expect, you start with a basic dance, funny enough called Basic, a basic tune to play (badly), and a pair of rusty scissors (just don't run with them) for some early Image Designing.  An Entertainer will take root early on in the Cantina of a major city such as Mos Eisley and learn the craft there, not only from the patrons that will come in but from other Entertainers too. 

There are three ways you will get experience (XP) as an entertainer. One is to perform a dance and while doing that performance you conduct "Flourishes" or Flo's, This is also true for playing music too. You get experience upon Flourishing during a Tick, I'll explain this a little later. The third way is through Image Designing, which means you Image Design yourself and make some little changes for some XP or you get a willing victim...errr, I mean, Friend to join you and you can use them to practice on and get double the XP.

It's the Entertainer's job to keep the masses happy through song and dance but also to offer Buffs to those that require them, but beyond all of that your ultimate job is to be kind, talkative, don't be a jerk, and be AT THE KEYBOARD!. People that just AFK in Cantina's, Act like complete morons, or who use the Flourish command every 5-10 seconds eventually find themselves on every other serious Entertainer's and not to mention the wider public's mute list, no one likes a bad Ent. 

So let's touch briefly on Experience Points (XP). An Entertainer gets XP through Dancing and Playing music and conducting flourishes during a Tick. A tick to an Ent isn't a little bloodsucker, it's a period of time, and that time is 10 seconds. Every 10 seconds you Tick, and if you've performed a Flourish (or Flo) in that 10 seconds you get your XP, now the trap here is you'll think that if you flo more you'll get more XP and that isn't always true due to how long a flourish can take to perform. So it's not always possible to Flo more than once in that 10 seconds due to overlap from the last flo you did that bled into a new tick etc, So the standard is to aim for one flourish every ten seconds. Now, remember when I said no one likes an AFK Ent ? or those that use a Flourish command every 5-10 seconds? yeah, that still holds true, if you're actively entertaining. So what do I mean by "Actively Entertaining", That means you're at the keyboard, you're talking to people and your buffing, That's Actively Entertaining, because despite what people may think and or say you Cannot completely AFK grind Entertainer and that's because of the Buff skill check, well get into that in a bit. What can be AFK'd though is the actual grind, just for the love of all things in the ever-loving force DO NOT AFK GRIND IN A CANTINA, and if you have to, do it in a backroom, an empty cantina somewhere else, or when you get one, your own home, No one likes an AFK Ent, especially if that AFK ent has people watching or listening to them expecting to get a buff. It really annoyed people and will annoy active ents. If you really plan to AFK grind Entertainer, do it out of view and use a Macro to Flow (Find a simple macro at the end)

Flow macro's aren't just for AFK grinding though, Active Entertainers can get benefits too such as writing up a Dance Card for a specific dance or to go along with a specific piece of music. It's not something I will go into now, but Active Ents can find a very non-annoying Active Flo Macro near the end to use along with a brief explanation of how to set it up, Though most people here are vets and will know about Macros. it's more for the new folks.

So what about Buffs .....

Well buffing is going to be hard to start, as a Novice, you will only be able to buff someone for eight total points, which isn't a lot. Think about it like this, The buff "Flushed With Success" gives people extra XP and GCW Points up to 15%, but each application is two points. So do the math? you only have eight points and need ten points to give them that full 15% advantage. It's not going to work, the best you can do is 12%. It's going to suck to start.

Each time you train in a new dance skill or musician skill you will find that you will have more points to use in the buffing window, and you'll start to notice the little fly text that appears over people who are watching you dance or listening to you play will get longer. To start the max buff duration is 3hrs 30mins inside a cantina, the more you know the longer that max buff duration gets up to nearly six hours once you master Entertainer, Dancer & Musician. And of course, training in a new skill means more new dances and more musical numbers to perform.

So to perform an actual buff look for the "Inspire" command, should look a little something like this, , and once you do the buff window will pop up with all the available things that you can buff on a person, now keep in mind as a Full entertainer (That's Master Entertainer, master Dancer & Master Musician) you'll have 20 points to use in the Build-A-Buff service to give someone what they want, as a Novie Entertainer, you'll have 8, but even with 8 you can still buff. The buffs break down into a few key areas, they are:

  • Attributes
  • Combat
  • Utility
  • Resistances
  • Crafting

And each of the categories contains the buffs people will want. Does someone want Energy Resistance? Head to the Resistances section and add Energy. Someone wants more resources when hand sampling? Go to crafting and add the Hand Sampling Buff. You will also get people that want to mix and match, and I'm sure a few people will get annoyed with you when you tell them you can't give them a full 20 point buff right off the bat. Ignore these people, they're obviously the ones that don't understand how this works, but you will. So what are the buffs and what do they do. So let me break it down for you and we'll start with the "Attributes" Category:

  • Defence General - Increase Defence General by 12 per point to a max of 120
  • Endurance - Increase Endurance by 12 per point to a max of 120
  • Knockdown Defence - Increase the defence vs Knockdown attacks by 6 per point up to a max of 30
  • Melee Accuracy - Increases Melee Accuracy by 6 per point to a max of 30
  • Melee General - Increases the Melee General (Mel Acc, Mel Def, Mel Spd & Def vs States) by 12 per point spent up to a max of 120
  • Melee Speed - Increase Melee Speed by 6 per point up to a max of 30
  • Opportune Chance - Increases the Opportune Chance (Gen Acc, Def vs States, Def vs Posture, Dmg & healing Efficiency) by 12 per point up to a max of 120
  • Ranged Accuracy - Increases Ranged Accuracy by 6 per point to a max of 30
  • Ranged General - Increases the Ranged General (Rng Acc, Rng Def, Rng Spd & Crit Chance) by 12 per point spent up to a max of 120
  • Ranged Speed - Increase Ranged Speed by 6 per point up to a max of 30
  • Toughness Boost - Increase Toughness by 12 per point up to a max of 120

So that's the Attribute stuff you can do as a Buff for patrons and as you can see, a lot of people will want a lot of those Buffs for the content they plan to run and can and often will change slightly from person to person and even from one type of content to another. So definitely handy to have noted down or better yet, Bookmark the forum so you can refer back to it. Especially if you have someone that's new to the galaxy that wants an Attribute buff but they aren't sure what they need, well you will be the Tomb of Knowledge for their buff needs. Now, let's take a look at "Combat" 

  • Action Cost Reduction - Decreases action cost reduction by 9%
  • Critical Hit - Increases the Critical Hit chance by 7%
  • Critical Hit Defence - Increases the Critical hit defence by 7%
  • Damage (PVP) - Increases damage during PVP by 9%
  • DoT Defence (PVP) - Increases the effectiveness of DoT's (Damage over time abilities) by 9% in PVP

These you don't often see requested a whole lot, Unless there is something big going down in Eisley Town or the Rebellion and Imperials are at it again in the GCW. You will on occasion get people that want buffs to Action cost etc so be ready for any request, next up let's look at the "Utility" Buffs:

  • Droid Find Speed - Increases the speed of Bunter Hunter (BH) droid finding by 5% per point up to a max of 25%
  • Flushed with Success - Increases Experience Points (XP) and GCW (Galactic Civil War) Points gained by 3% per point up to a max of 15%
  • Harvest Faire - Increases the resources gathered by Harvesters by up to 5% (Worth noting and telling patrons, "This buff only remains active while your character is ONLINE, does not persist while offline")
  • Healer - Increases the strength of heals up to 15% 
  • Resilience - Reduces the amount of damage taken by DoT's up to 20% 
  • Go with the Flow - Increase movement speed up to 5% 
  • Second Chance - Gives up to a 16% chance to automatically heal when struck

So the Utility buffs have a lot to offer, especially "Flushed With Success" as that is a grinders best friend, It grants more XP from all sources which means they can level even faster and who doesn't like that ?. You would have also noticed the little comment about "Harvest Faire", So the Entertainer can grant a few buffs that help with Harvesting of resources or make factories produce things quicker, but where a lot of crafters fall down is, they think they can get the buff and log off and their harvesters will drag up more resources or their factories run quicker while they're offline, This isn't the case. The buff only works if they're ONLINE so when it comes to buffs like that, you might want to mention that to them, and if they want the full effect of the buff for however long it lasts, maybe suggest to them an anti-AFK macro so they can leave their characters logged in till the buff wear off. Now, onto "Resistances" and it's a shortlist:

  • Elemental Resistance - Increases Elemental Resistance up to 465
  • Energy Resistance - Increases Energy Resistance up to 310
  • Kinetic Resistance - Increases Kinetic Resistance up to 310

Again this is something mostly for the Combat peoples and I find I used to get asked for at least one of these three a lot, So expect it to come up in buff requests, especially from those doing PVP or End Game content such as the Corvette, Death Watch Bunker etc. and last and sadly least in our list of buffs "Crafting" 

  • Crafting Assembly - Increases all existing varieties of Assembly Modifiers and Crafting XP up to 5% 
  • Amazing Success Chance - Increases the chance to have an Amazing Success on a crafted item by 2%
  • Factory Speed -  Increases the speed of Factory production by 30% (Worth noting and telling patrons, "This buff only remains active while your character is ONLINE, does not persist while offline")
  • Hand Sampling - Increases the amount of Resources gathered by Hand Sampling up to 10%
  • Resource Quality - Increases the Quality of resources used by up to 10% 
  • Surveying - Increases surveying modifier (Unsure as to exact effect but believed to increase surveying range and or quality of resources found through Surveying)

And those are what will make you a crafter's best friend, especially when it comes to Hand Sampling and the quality of their resources, especially if they have an amazing item they want Min/Maxed perfectly, one person they will come to see is an Entertainer. So that's what the individual buffs do and people will always have a mix of a buff package they know and what works for them or they might want to try something new, and if they ask your advice, you'll have the info to help inform them. And this also brings me back to what I said earlier about how you can't Entertain AFK. Giving buffs is an active thing you have to do, and you can't even get around the buff system using a macro for one very specific reason. The skill check. You'll notice that once you've set up a buff up, you hit OK a new box appears, that's the skill check window. It will have some symbols in it, all you have to do is count the symbols and type in how many there are. That easy.

Learn to barter for resources too, or buy them once you have the credits, why? because Entertainers can craft too. You can craft your own dancing props, like ribbons and swords and you can also craft musical instruments too and the more you train up the better instruments you can play and the better dances you can do too, so after a while consider getting a Generic Crafting Tool to make some sparklers for yourself or get a better slitherhorn to play StarWars1 on, Trust me your ears will thank you and so will your patrons.

Now I can already hear you, "But Esva, people will want buffs and stuff, and I need to grind XP and level up, how am I going to do that?" Well, I'm glad you asked. Restoration III will put Entertainer's in a great place on one hand, but slap a big old pile of Bantha Poodoo in the other. Because RestoIII is starting from a clean wipe it means there will be no one with a maxed-out template, no one with a bazillion credits to tip you, and no one that could teach you for free. So let's assume you've been dancing your little Rodian, Twi'Lek, Wookie or Trandoshian behind off and you're ready to skill up but you're zero on the credits because everything is new, people are out questing or killing. Don't expect tips early on, you have to be a little self-sufficient here, now you might get lucky and get a few credits here, maybe someone comes back from a quest and gives you a hundred credits there, that's a bonus NOT A REQUIREMENT!. So self-sufficiency it is, and there are two sure-fire ways to get credits and one even brings XP. So Method 1 is to run Entertainer missions, pick up the mission for the most credits, go to that location and bring down the house with those sweet moves or blow the roof off with your music. Method 2 is to join a squadron and get up into space, doing missions and selling the loot will bring in a lot and I mean A LOT of credits, so you never have to worry about having the credits to level up because the credits are readily available, and this is why I said a tip is "a bonus NOT A REQUIREMENT!"


So those are the basics on how to Start as an Entertainer, but it get's a lot deeper than that once you get into the realms of Dancer, Musician and Image Designer, which I will write guides for over the coming days and delve a little deeper into how you can get a dance and a song that isn't learned from a trainer, explain what holoemotes are and why their fun, and just how do you trim a wookies hair and dye it ? as well as all the nitty gritty match stuff of buffs, musical enhancement and so on, but for now I hope you find this introduction to "Entertainer and Beyond" at least a little useful. Have fun out there and rock those Cantina's


-- The Q&A Part --

"So, how do I dance or play an instrument ?"

Dancing or playing music is as easy as clicking the skill on your toolbar or typing in /startdance to dance or /startmusic to play (you'll need an instrument though) and once you do you'll have a pop up window appear that will show you all the dances or tunes that you want to do. 


"So how do I flourish ?"

Again Flourishing is pretty simple, in your commands you'll see eight different commands going from "Flourish 1" to "Flourish 8", Simply drag them onto the toolbar and click as needed to perform a flourish or "Flo" during your current dance or song.


"Can I change the Dance or Song while already performing ?

Why yes, yes you can. If you're already dancing and you're getting bored and want to change things up use the command /changedance and it will bring up your dance window. And if you're playing music use the command /changemusic


"What about when I'm ready to leave, then what ?"

Well if you're dancing you can use the command /stopdance or /stopd and if playing music you can use /stopmusic or /stopm the simplest thing to do though is just walking forward, it will auto cancel any dance you're doing or music you're playing


"How do I stop a Macro ?

Simply type /dump


-- The Macros --

Simple afk Macro

Macro Name: AFKGRIND

/flo 1

/pause 5



Active Ent Macro: (Designed to be used while Active as an entertainer, not for AFK grinding)

M,acro name: ActiveFlo

/flo 5

/pause 12

/flo 1

/pause 12

/flo 6

/pause 12

/flo 8

/pause 12

/flo 2

/pause 12

/flow 3

/pause 12

/flo 7

/pause 12

/flo 4

/pause 12

/macro ActiveFlo

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"Esva, what's going on ? how do I get Xp for Entertainer Item Use ?"

Had this asked of me a few times so thought I would lay it out here for people. It seems Entertainer Item Use XP is proving elusive for some people. EIU xp is gained from people actually watching your performance. Each person watching you is one unique view that will grant you a certain amount of XP as you dance or play music, So the more eyes on you the more XP you will get towards Entertainer item use. And this is true through the Item use in Dancer and Musician too. The best way to gain the XP though is to be part of an Entertainer group in the Cantina, because if one person watches someone in the group everyone benefits from the same XP


"For master Entertainer, do I have to do Image Designing ?"

The short answer to this is Yes, Image Designing is a must for Master Entertainer, and really should be done for Master Entertainer it unlocks a few extras that those who went Musician or Dancer won't have if they chose not to master Entertainer. And the XP is easy to get, Simply target yourself, and hit the ImageDesign button, Make a little change and commit. This can also be done through a macro that's super simple.

The Macro

Macro Name: SelfID

/image self

/pause 8

/ui action defaultButton

/pause 3

/macro SelfID

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Clarification & Update concerning: Buff - Harvesters Faire 

it was stated in the initial guide by me that "Harvest Faire - Increases the resources gathered by Harvesters by up to 5% (Worth noting and telling patrons, "This buff only remains active while your character is ONLINE, does not persist while offline")" However this is in fact incorrect and has been fact-checked by Seilene from STAR and further corroborated by JarJar.

Harvesters Faire description should be the following: 

  • Harvest Faire - Increases the resources gathered by Harvesters by up to 5% (This buff will work from the moment a new Harvester is dropped onto a resource up until the point that harvester is then removed)


Sorry for the inconvenience and any confusion 

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This is very helpful - thank you!

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Quote from Tiestee on June 13, 2021, 3:54 am

This is very helpful - thank you!

You're Welcome ^_^, more in-depth guides will be coming soon 

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