Patch Notes: 4/15/21

Force shrine will tell you knight trial planet.
Force Shrine should give you council choice if you are on that phase and you select the wrong council

Last Ditch function added

Sniper Shot Range check in place

Gorax Shards should now work

Creature pet abilities nerfed slightly.

Fix for cybernetics buffs clearing on death

Commando and Creature Handler update

Greetings Restoration, We have a pretty large update for you today.

Commando is enabled and playable

Creature Handler is now playable

Reverse Engineering base chance fixed

Cybernetic Ranged Arm increased Range functional

PvE Armorbreak now works correctly

Silver and Gold Elites Difficulty adjusted


Creature handler info: DNA extraction comes from Scout, Ranger gets a boost to DNA extraction. Bio Engineer will craft pets. Scout has a new ability in preparation for Ranger overhall

Commando and Creature Handler both have some major changes and additions that will need significant testing and balancing adjustments. However we look forward to this latest addition to the server.

Restoration III Beta Launch

THE COMBAT UPGRADE LIVES! Welcome to Restoration III, Star Wars Galaxies fans. We are excited to announce that Restoration III Open Beta has arrived. There has been a lot of excitement building around this project and we are thrilled you have chosen to join us! While we have spent countless hours testing in the alpha phase, there are going to be bugs, there are going to be exploits, and there are going to be crashes. To better report these bugs we have assigned Senators that will field any bugs or exploits that you encounter. Please refer to the #Senate-Seats in discord for the respective position for the bug you are reporting.

There are a few professions that are not completed yet and will not work as intended until further notice. These professions are Squad Leader, Commando, Creature Handler, and the Bio-Engineer. Other professions are functionally working however, expect there to be a few bugs with those professions.

While we welcome all Quality of Life suggestions, please understand the focus of the open beta currently is to resolve bugs and exploits. If you have QOL suggestions, please hang on to those until there is an announcement from the Senate in regards to QOL.

Finally, this is a Beta. This is not the live server. There will be a wipe from Beta to the live server. The wipe will be announced in expectation of the live server.

Patch 2.5


Resource Smugglers Event, Running in game now. System Messages denote location of NPCs spawned


Some Combat Log string errors have been fixed
Knock Down Recovery sticking in que fixed
Village Phase 1 Crafting crash Fixed
Smuggler Overwelming Shot stability issue fixed
Ris armor components fixed
Boba Hard Daily Stability issue fixed
Stability Issues with Combat Medic Fixed
Black Sun Intro quest re-written for better stability


Weapon Slicing Implemented


Doctor now buffing correct substats instead of primary stats for closer CU Emulation


Brawler Taunt overhauled and functional


New Content
NPC AI Improved
Smuggler Slicing Components now drop from various NPCs

Housing wont destroy anymore

New Features
Resource Container size increased
Bounty Hunter Mission loot tables improved
Elemental Damage modified, Only weapons that should have elemental damage have it, instead of all Weapons.
Player Combat Level displaying in Character sheet
Combat adjustments for more accurate Emulation
Towers Nerfed
Weapon Crafting Adjusted, Better Weapons craft easier now, Better Emulation of CU
Flytext improved in various spots for closer CU Emulation
Resource Quality tapes implemented, Now improving Resources up to 10%
New Veteran Rewards
Publish 3 Gifts awarded until the end of January

Village Gate, Must drop any ranking from Death Watch, Black Sun, Ect, Ect before starting Village trials
Force Powers improved damage across the board
Force Choke Dot Damage improved
Force Strike now on a different Cooldown Group

Some UI Improvements

Greetings Restoration Community. While its been quiet around here, There has been a lot of activity in the background.

Many bugs have been fixed, a handful of new content is being worked on and a roadmap for the future is under discussion.

Currently we need to Staff the project with some more helping hands, We need some dedicated Testers and CSRs to help keep everything going. If you’re interested in helping out, Please send us a Message.

We are planning to go Open Source before September, Allowing external help from the rest of the Emu team.

Thank you for your continued support over the years.

~Restoration Administration.