Patch Notes 6/15/2021

Credits now split among group.

Accuracy increased slightly
Thimble has had his level lowered from 505 to 450.
GCW stims can no longer be obtained from vendor NPCs

Cybernetic range bonus should now work correctly, and people should no longer be able to shoot targets that are “too far”

Weapon Speed as been adjusted to provide a more authentic feel.
During our Beta test Weapon specific speed was bugged, after fixing it we noticed attack speed was way to high, Resulting in the changes we made for this patch.

Group Pickup has been disabled. we never intended for this to be enabled.

some dynamic weapon loots had their prices set far above what was intended for looted items. This has been corrected.

Gambling table schematic skill requirement has been corrected

Death Watch re-breather quest no longer checks for the NGE skillbox, and can now be completed

Blackscale pilots have grown tired watching of low-level pilots kill their friends. They have been given orders to shoot on sight.

The Resto Founder Shirt and Plaque have had their textures altered, and the shirt has had its model replaced to fix all the clipping bugs.
New models for the 2 versions of the E-11 have been added.
Starship crafting stations have had their missing emissions textures fixed.
Seeker Droids now have the correct texture. they no longer look like a rubber band ball.
Thimble has a shiny new hat.

3am Patch! 6/13/2021

Creature Handler:

Fix an issue with Pet attack, it now should function as normal

Fix an issue preventing Creature Learn from functioning correctly


Cybernetic Range Arms should work correctly now, only the correct range boost should work


Some Animations missing from ranged attacks are now working again


A Snare and Root immunity has been added You may now only snare or root a target once every 30 seconds In the future we plan to expand on this, but for now it prevents chain rooting

Reverse Engineering:

Some tweaks to RE. 35s won’t be so easy to create on first attempt.
This adjustment to RE is the first of a few revisions we need to do to ensure balance.
over the next few days, RE will continue to receive more tweaks to make it both fun and usable.

PVE Balancing:

Many changes to many mobs. some mobs were made Elite. Some mobs were made stronger. Some mobs now have more specials. One mob was added named Thimble, but Thimble does not spawn.


Droids now have half the armor they had before.

Patch Notes 5/25/21

Harvesting now requires novice scout

Typo preventing weapon speed mods from increasing melee weapon speed corrected

Pilot skills should be trainable now even if you have 0 skill points remaining

Fix for bug allowing knocked down players to stand automatically sometimes fixed

Combat Medic Attribute debuffs should now actually be debuffs

missing RE combos added

Cybernetic extended range corrected

Bacta Spray Action and Mind Cost fixed

A number of broken strings have been fixed

Smuggler missions should now be fully working as intended

Shock collar now shrinks pets instead of enlarging them

Aurellia village has been nuked in anticipation of launch

Vet rewards have been fully disabled

Many vet rewards have been moved into the RLS chests

Credit loot nerf, to further encourage spin groups over afk farming

All slicing components should now be obtainable

Patch Notes 5/23/2021

Peko Peko Feathers now have HP bonus

Creature Handler pets now stand up after KD

Heavy weapon hindrance fixed

Force Armor fixed

Commando Dots adjusted

Fixed Healing Action Cost typo – added Cybernetic healing arm skill mod + opportune chance modifier to healing efficiency equation

Sliced Items now display the modifiers correctly

Fixed Startle Shot line of commands

Sniper Shot now requires prone

Fixed Commando Riddle Armor

fixed cybernetic ranged arms

New Lightsaber Hilts!

Freelance pilot certifications re-ordered for more consistent progression

Patch Notes 5/18/21

Melee General fixed

Commando slightly buffed by feedback

Small math tweaks to combat

Flamethrowers now do cone

Jedi armor dynamic loot no longer drops.

Dynamic armor and clothing loot should no longer drop with requirements higher than 80

Tier4 and Tier5 Smuggler missions should now properly award a choice of slicing components

Patch Notes 5/16/21

High End BH mission targets should drop slicing components more often now.

Slight nerf to White Thranta bunker to smooth out early Legacy difficulty curve

Increase level of low-tier smuggler mission enemies to reflect Master Smuggler requirement

Smugglers can now search corpse for contraband

Underworld Smuggler buffs should now apply

BH underworld titles should be obtainable

fix for some combat math errors preventing skill mods from enhancing melee attack accuracy

fix for knockdown being able to be used more than once every 30 seconds

more CU specific skill mods added to RE tool

Elemental damage should no longer be doubled

Smuggler Update – Patch Notes 5/13/21

We’ve got an exciting patch for you today, with a ton of fixes and features for you to play with, including something very special for Smugglers!

This patch does include a client update, so remember to run your patchers


  • All slicing components are now obtainable ingame
  • The contraband/underworld system has been enabled, with a few changes to make it fit the CU better. Biggest change being the replacement of the Illegal Pistol Module with a choice of slicing components.


  • CH pet revive and heal abilities should now work again
  • fix for enzyme extractor. Now requires the correct skillbox


  • The TIE Defender now is usable from the TIE Experimental Vessels skillbox, rather than Ace, to mirror the requirements of the Havoc and the T-wing.
  • A-wing and Arc-170 bugs fixed


  • Master Bounty Hunter should now be required for player bounty missions
  • All slicing components now drop from high-end NPC bounties


  • Merchant XP should now be working
  • Kommerken Steak schematic is now able to be learned by Chefs
  • Bomb Droids are no longer obscenely overpowered.
  • Fix for artisan items requiring structure experimentation and assembly
  • 5x Crafting XP modifier added, the resource grind is the real grind after all


  • More progress on the Jedi life cost system
  • Cloak models replaced with CU-era models to reduce clipping
  • 5x Quest XP modifier in place, Legacy should now scale better with player CL
  • RLS chests have had their loot tables modified
  • More Junk Dealer prices have been nerfed
  • The Dirge song, Calypso song, and Pei Yi Dance are now obtainable by Musicians and Dancers
  • Some unwanted NGE items have been removed from NPC vendors

Patch Notes 4/28/21

prototype progression manager activated

Enclave Data should store correctly now

Visibility patched again

new client EXE with increased RAM and fix for skillpoints

XP Set back down to x1

Force Meditate exploit should be fixed

Creature lairs should no longer take forever to destroy at low level

This update requires a client patch, be sure to run your launcher

Patch Notes 4/26/21

Visibility and Vis bounties should be fully functional.

FRS should no longer revoke script automatically

Wookiee language is no longer granted by default

Prototype blue glowie jedi system in place

ITVs disabled

Trainers should now work again

Patch Notes 4/24/21

Using the Enzyme Extractor should now correctly require a Scout skillbox instead of a Creature Handler one

Sample DNA should now correctly require scout instead of Bio-Engineer


Food and drink filling system rewritten

More checks for running out of skillpoints

Weapons should no longer revert to their NGE range (4 melee, 64 rifle for example)

Skill Trainers should once again remember what they’re supposed to be training

The system that handles the skill requirements for some items has been modified to better make use of the Pre-NGE skillboxes.


Crafting stations now correctly use the Structure Assembly and Structure Experimentation stats, rather than the Artisan stats.

The following weapons have had their stats at re-craft fixed:

1h Sword
“Nova Edge”” Sword
Sith Sword
Crusader “”Templar”” Sword
Legendary Stun Baton

2h Sword
Legendary Power Hammer

Tenebrous Edge

MagnaGuard Electrostaff
Gand Shockprod Staff
Legendary Nightsister Polearm

WESTAR-M5 Blaster Rifle
C-M “Reaper” Sniper Rifle
Crusader M-XIV Rifle
Legendary T21 Rifle
Jinkins J-1 Rifle
E-Web Rifle
BWDL19 Rifle
A280 Blaster Rifle

WESTAR-34 Blaster Pistol
C-M “”Dead Bolt”” Pistol
Crusader M-XII Pistol
Legendary FWG5 Pistol
DH-18A Blaster Pistol Prototype

C-M “”Frag Storm”” Heavy Shotgun
Pulse Cannon
Crusader M-XX Heavy Rifle
CR-1 Blast Cannon

N’Gant-Zarvel 9118 Carbine
Crusader M-XIII Carbine
Charric Carbine
Legendary E5 Carbine

Jinzu Razor
Fifth Generation One-Handed Lightsaber
Fifth Generation Two-Handed Lightsaber
Fifth Generation Polearm Lightsaber
Juyo Saberstaff
One-Handed Sith Saber
Fifth Generation One-Handed Sith Saber
Two-Handed Mysterious Lightsaber
Fifth Generation Two-Handed Mysterious Lightsaber
Old-Republic One-Handed Lightsaber
Old-Republic Two-Handed Lightsaber
Double-Bladed Darth Phobos Lightsaber
Fifth-Generation Double-Bladed Darth Phobos Lightsaber