Restoration III Server Launch Imminent

Naboo, Theed – April 16, 2021 – Fan favourite Star Wars Galaxies has been painstakingly remade on the base of the Combat Upgrade system initially released into the game by Sony Online Entertainment a long time ago in a galaxy far far away. The Restoration 3 team has taken the best of each iteration of SWG, maintaining the advances that new patches made to the game while keeping the freedom of an open, pre-NGE skill system intact.

With an exciting roadmap & custom content planned, the Restoration 3 team will be releasing the expansions Jump to Lightspeed and Kashyyk at launch, with Mustafar, and other Heroic instances added once secret server-side prerequisites are met by players.  This will allow adventurers to experience Star Wars Galaxies incrementally as first designed.

Trust no one with Restoration’s enhanced secret unlock Jedi system, adding once again a sense of wonder to unlocking this force sensitive class and keeping it rare, valuable, and unique. With great power comes great responsibility however, and Jedi must remain vigilant less they are brought down by player Bounty Hunters and made to surrender their lightsaber.

Stress Testers Needed April 17, 2021 – 1pm ET

With the launch of Restoration 3’s Star Wars Galaxies server imminent, stress testers are required to bash and break like a Bantha in a spice shop. We invite everyone to come online for a fun event, meet fellow players, battle NPCs, and throw as many actions down as possible.

Once this test has been completed, Restoration will reach out with additional information relating to our planned launch date. For now the exact date is a tease, but we can tell you that it’s imminent, and that any fan could take a guess at some upcoming force-sensitive dates and come up with a close answer..

For more information, please follow the links below. And may the force be with you.

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Patch Notes: 4/15/21

Force shrine will tell you knight trial planet.
Force Shrine should give you council choice if you are on that phase and you select the wrong council

Last Ditch function added

Sniper Shot Range check in place

Gorax Shards should now work

Creature pet abilities nerfed slightly.

Fix for cybernetics buffs clearing on death

Patch Notes 4/13/2021

Acklay bones should now be dropping for use in melee weapon crafting.

Small tattoine cloners should no longer trap you behind a misplaced insurance terminal

The debuff from Reckless Shot can no longer be removed by right-clicking on it

Creature Handler:
Pet stats have been finally changed from NGE values. Should now still be viable, but should no longer be overpowered.

Pet sizes have been adjusted. they should now grow to the same sizes they could pre-NGE

Reverse Engineering:
Rifle speed and rifle accuracy tape have been added, and should be functional

Patch Notes: 4/5/2021

Tweaks to visibility/bounty mission equation

Jedi Cloaks now use the bandoleer slot like on the previous Restoration servers, instead of the jacket slot.

Gorax weapon enhancements implemented and dropping, and can be added to ranged weapon cores