3am Patch! 6/13/2021

Creature Handler:

Fix an issue with Pet attack, it now should function as normal

Fix an issue preventing Creature Learn from functioning correctly


Cybernetic Range Arms should work correctly now, only the correct range boost should work


Some Animations missing from ranged attacks are now working again


A Snare and Root immunity has been added You may now only snare or root a target once every 30 seconds In the future we plan to expand on this, but for now it prevents chain rooting

Reverse Engineering:

Some tweaks to RE. 35s won’t be so easy to create on first attempt.
This adjustment to RE is the first of a few revisions we need to do to ensure balance.
over the next few days, RE will continue to receive more tweaks to make it both fun and usable.

PVE Balancing:

Many changes to many mobs. some mobs were made Elite. Some mobs were made stronger. Some mobs now have more specials. One mob was added named Thimble, but Thimble does not spawn.


Droids now have half the armor they had before.