Jump To Lightspeed

Restoration III is the first and only Pre-NGE Star Wars Galaxies private server to feature the JTL expansion.

Crafted Is King

The best gear in the game should always be crafted by players, and one shouldn't have to choose between performance and appearance.
Restoration III uses a modified version of NGE's weapon core system, allowing any weapon to be crafted with endgame stats, eliminating the concept of "best in slot" weapons, and looted items being superior to crafted ones. Instead, a weapon's quality is solely determined by a crafter's skill, and the quality of their resources and looted components.

Return to Kashyyyk

Rage of The Wookies expansion is included on Restoration III. Return to the planet that launched with the Combat Upgrade, and relive the adventure!

The Fate of the Galaxy

The Trials of Obi-Wan was released just one week prior to the end of the Combat Upgrade. On Restoration III, you finally have the chance to fully play this exciting expansion in the CU. Return to where it all ended, and forge a new path!

A Complicated Profession

In addition to the PVP bounty system, which allows Bounty Hunters to hunt non-Jedi players, Restoration III also features a trophy system, where upon claiming the bounty of an FRS Jedi, the BH can loot the Jedi's lightsaber.

Trust No One

The path of a Jedi is dangerous, and the penalty for death is severe.
Any actions taken in front of other players that reveal that one is a Jedi results in a TEF (temporary enemy flag) that makes the Jedi attack-able by anyone.
Restoration III features a life-cost system for Jedi, which can result in a Force Ghost "time-out" penalty, the wiping of their FRS progress, and more. In addition, being successfully hunted by a Bounty Hunter can result in the loss of their lightsaber.

New Experiences

Restoration III also includes most NGE content, tweaked and balanced for the Combat Upgrade. Experience the Legacy Questline, the Dathomir Quarantine Zone, and Heroics such as The Battle of Hoth, IG-88, The Tusken King, and much more, in a way you've never played them before!

Tell Your Story

Restoration III includes the Chronicler system, allowing players to create and share quests, run their own events, and more!

A Call to Arms

The Battle of Restuss was the first time in MMO history where through player actions, a once PvE area was turned into a PvP battlezone.

Now, for the first time ever you can experience this once revolutionary concept in the Combat Upgrade!

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The Combat Upgrade Lives Again

The Combat Upgrade Lives Again!

Return to the greatest era of Star Wars galaxies, the Combat Upgrade!

Restoration III includes Jump To Lightspeed and Kashyyyk at launch, With Mustafar and all NGE Heroic instances added to the game through server-wide progression events.

Play Your Way

Play Your Way!

Restoration III features the full Pre-NGE skill system for complete freedom in building your template.

In addition, you’re free to choose how you level. Whether you prefer the classic system of grinding XP with spin groups, or you’d rather level by questing, Restoration gives you that freedom to choose

Mysteries of the Force

Mysteries of the Force

Restoration III features a custom Jedi unlock method. A totally new system designed to remain a mystery, and add a sense of wonder to unlocking Jedi, as well as keeping Jedi rare and valuable.

Restoration III aims to recapture that unique and special feeling of becoming a Jedi. The feeling of straying off the beaten path and experiencing something amazing.

Join us, and return to the greatest Star Wars Saga ever told…..


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