Server Info

Greetings! I am pleased to announce the Release of SWG Restorations Combat Upgrade server.

The server features as much of the Combat Upgrade as possible packed into the 14.1 Client.

We are using the 14.1 Client due to packet issues with the Later Combat Upgrade Client, While it functions for a handful of features much work still needs to be done. Restorations goal is a playable Combat Upgrade server and move on to the proper client as time goes on.

You can read about specific changes or supplements added to the 14.1 Client to Emulate Combat Upgrade Gameplay on our Wiki here:

Base EXP rates are x4 for Solo Combat, Grouping will increase EXP gained significantly based on the Party size in range.

Content and progression is largely Focused on the Combat Upgrade, Kashyyyk quest and Dungeons are the first priority. Mustafar will follow.

Most of Restoration Pre CU’s Custom Content is ported over since the work was completed, And a New player Experience Introduction quest is under work to help draw players into Restorations Unique Alternative story.


Crafting has been significantly modified, We use a Core based System for Weapons, Armor has a Universal Core with Battle, Recon and Assault like Segments.

For example, If you craft a Blaster Power Handler (Used for all Rifles) you can place this Core into any Rifle Appearance in the Game, If your Favorite rifle is the Laser Rifle, it will be as useful as the same Components Core used in a Fallen Hyper Rifle.

For Armor, If you want more Energy Protection, Recon Segments can be crafted into an Armor Core, Then you may place the Armor Core in any Armor skin. Effectively making Recon Composite, Switch your Segments to Battle and you can Craft Battle Composite.

More Details for Crafting are on the Wiki and we encourage you to read there before jumping in and expecting Pre CU Crafting.

Jedi take a page from Both Restoration’s Pre CU server and from the Combat Upgrade. The server Features full Combat Upgrade Profession Trees, But Restorations FRS and Blue Glowy system.

Jedi Progression starts at the Village, Once Jedi has been unlocked Jedi are subjected to the Life system.
Essentially a Jedi starts with 5 Lives. Each time a Jedi dies in PvP he must recover taking 1 Life, If the Jedi runs out of Lifes they are placed in the Blue Glowy state. During Blue Glowy you cannot Attack or be Attacked but may take part in all the other Features of SWG except Combat. This is so Jedi are used more wisely in PvP instead of the unfortunate Jedi wars that took place during the Original Combat Upgrade. Lives can be restored via various Functions in game.

Once Eligible, there is a Unique Unlock System for the various FRS trees in game.

Blue Glowys Duration is dependent on the Jedis FRS rank, Higher the rank the longer the Duration.

Ranking Trees for Non Jedi from Restoration Pre CU will be featured here as well, As a means to keep non Jedi on equal playing ground.

Accounts and more
Players are limited to 1 Account per Household unless a second account is authorized. If you need two Accounts, Contact Halo.
Each Account is limited to 5 Characters.
CSRs have multiple permission edits to allow only the most basic commands needed to assist players, Any situation that would require something drastic such as Skill loss, or Item loss must be escalated to Halo for evaluation.