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Didn't see a suggestion post anywhere so thought i would make one here, please post sensibly though if you are going to add to this post. Any good ideas that are carried forward can only make the server better and more desirable for folks to join.


  1. increase resource stack sizes from 100000 to 1000000, this will enable crafters to better manage their resources and in turn save room in crafters houses thus allowing the collection of more resources by not having to use so many lots for storage houses.
  2. allow maintenance to be paid direct from the bank instead of having to carry cash, lost track of the amount of times I've had to go back into town because i forget to take out cash.
  3. Auto stack resources in inventory and crates, this will save time when adding resources to storage crates in houses.
  4. increase stack sizes of factory produced goods, this again will save space in crafters houses especially crafters that have to pre make a lot of different components.

I'll post more as i think of them but please do post your suggestions 🙂

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