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Hotfix 11-27-17
« on: November 27, 2017, 10:10:16 PM »
Loading Screens:
The loading screen has improved performance, allowing you to go back to character selection from the loading screen by pressing escape.

Theed now allows travel to all planets.

Reckless Shot, Overwhelming Shot, and Concussion Shot no longer cause server stability issues when used on a lair.

Saber Spin Attack now correctly applies an AOE effect.
Force Armor 1 correctly applies the armor effect.
Several Icons have been added for Jedi abilities.
Jedi Powers abilities now grant Jedi XP.
Jedi Powers abilities have the correct ranges applied.
Force Weaken now works correctly.
Force Throw 2 now has AOE ability
Force Run 1 string text reads correctly.
Jedi Innate Armor is now working correctly.
Jedi Life count no longer decreases on PvE death. Upon using /regainConciousness and losing a life, an event is created for your character to award one life back.

Bounty Hunter:
Duelist Stance displays the correct status text.

Village of Aurilia:
Crafting: Repair the Sensor Array: Quest is now working properly.

AT-XT added.

Vehicle Deeds:
Vehicle deeds now show up as vehicles when dropped in a structure.