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Community Update for the week of October 30th, 2016
« on: November 04, 2016, 01:49:49 AM »
Friends! Romans! Countrymen! Lend me your ears, I come to bring you my third community update!

Sorry for the long delay, I was kidnapped by pirates and they wouldn’t let me post updates. Damn pirates.

In these updates, I usually start with a large paragraph focusing on a single large, exciting feature being developed by Halo, but today I’m going to break from tradition and talk a little about my own little contribution to our server that I’ve been working on… and then get to the exciting features Halo’s been working on. Forgive my vanity.

So as most of you know, Restoration uses modified lore and fits into what was once referred to as “Infinities Continuity”
Basically alternate history.
Recently I’ve began writing up the full backstory for the Restoration Timeline, which splits off from the Canon Timeline during Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan’s Duel with Darth Maul.
Like in the Canon timeline, Maul survived being bisected, but unlike the Canon timeline, the jedi don’t assume that he died. Instead they mistakenly assume that Qui-Gon is dead, while Maul was found and imprisoned by the Jedi, an act that would forever change the galaxy’s destiny. The ripples from that one act set into motion a chain of events that prevented Order 66 from eliminating more than a third of the Jedi order, brought about the rise of the New Sith Brotherhood, and turned Jar-Jar Binks into a Purple Rodian bounty hunter.

Well, ok, I’m just kidding about the Jar-Jar thing.

once I have the backstory fleshed out, I’ll begin writing some short stories that take place both before the events of Restoration, and during. These stories will feature characters iconic to star wars, some invented for the stories, and others based on player characters from our own community (Characters with lore-friendly names only, so I’m sorry Bong Hole, JarJar, and TikTok, but your stories won’t find their way into Restoration Canon)
Once I’m ready to start writing those, I’ll open up a thread where people can post some information about any characters of theirs they’d like to be included.

hopefully all of this will not only help people see events in game in a new light, but also may draw RP communities to our server.
and on the development side of course, this will give a foundation that quests and events can built upon.

Other things being cooked up

The “New Player Experience” (NPE) is Halo’s answer to all the NGE and SWTOR vets who come to our server, get frustrated by lack of direction, and then ragequit. I’m not authorized to go into too many details until a later update, but I can tell you that it will be a custom-built optional themepark in Theed designed to get new players acquainted with Star Wars Galaxies, and this server in particular, get them familiar with the different classes, and help them grind up to the novice box of an elite profession. People Starting a new character now may have seen an incomplete fragment from the first quest already.

There’s also a lot of work being done revamping Naboo to go along with the NPE. New Naboo POI’s with loot designed to help new players, new caves, and other cool new things.

The new quest-based Jedi unlock is being written. I’ll fill you in with all the details on that once I’m allowed to

More NGE items being added in, including Jango Fett’s jetpack, which will be available in the Death Watch/Black Sun bunkers.

Additions to the death watch and black sun bunkers, including different quests, new items buyable with faction points, and some other fun surprises.

More quests.

More quests.

Instances like the IG-88, Star Destroyer, Akiva Min, and others.

Kashyyyk is still being worked on, as is Restuss.

Well that’s all for this week’s post. Like always, if you have any specific questions pertaining to the future of the server please feel free to send me a message on here, and I’ll try to get the answers to as many of them as possible for the next post.

Edit: Lore is now posted in Lore Subforum
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