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Publish 2: The Dormant Federation
« on: September 11, 2016, 09:32:35 PM »
SWG Restorations next major update has been released! Be sure and run your Auto updaters before checking it out.

A new Dungeon has been created, The Trade Federation Bunker. Located in North West Naboo it houses remnants of the Trade Federation.
This Dungeon is designed to be soloable with 1 room setup for group combat.

All weapon enhancements have been modified, now having a chance to drop Exceptional grade versions and improved high end loot rolls.
New Weapon Enhancements have been added, They can be found on New Nightsister mobs and inside the Trade Federation Bunker.

Many old and Iconic mobs have been modified to take less time to kill, It was felt that 30 mins to kill a Krayt was excessive, with this update a base line of 5 mins was designed for a Canyon Krayt dragon vs Average gear players.

This base line timer will be applied to DWB and BSB so it doesn't take 15 mins to kill one SBD however that is set for the next hotfix.

Combat Medic
Combat Medic got a revamp!

All Combat Medic skills now have descriptions and icons, plus the addition of new abilities!
Hemorrhage, Shock, Traumatize, Thyroid Rupture and Deuterium Toss will make Combat Medic a unique and powerful class we hope many will enjoy.

Commando also received some love in this update

More Commando Heavy weapons are craftable from Weaponsmith, The stats have been brought up to spec and with the new array of damage types, Commando will pack a heavy punch.

Overcharge shot 3 was changed to a Dizzy to complement the new Flashbang abilitiy, an AOE blind. Disintegrate Target is another new command for Commando that packs a heavy punch.

With the new Jedi unlock coming out, the old Jedi unlock is now disabled.
Force Armor line of commands has been updated, both more effective and more costly.

We hope you enjoy this new patch, Restuss is right around the corner.

This patch also marks 1 year of SWG Restoration, An anniversary quest will be put into game this month with unique rewards celebrating 1 year of Restoration.
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