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(1) Download the disks into a fold that you make and put on your desktop.   *** DO NOT STARTUP ANYTHING IN FOLDER AFTER DOWNLOAD!***

(2)  Go to Download the EMU launcher and place the installation for it into the folder you installed SWG to. (from this page:

(((Use the SWGemu launcher normally to install and then never use that launcher for your resto directory again, or risk it overwriting the install!!))

(3) Download the SWG Restoration files from the attached link and put them into the same folder that you created on your desktop:
edt: The file downloaded is a .rar file. a rar file is an archive format similar to .zip. you need to use a program like 7zip or winrar to extract the files into the folder. simply copying the rar isnt enough.

(4) Run "Update SWGRestoration.exe" file that is inside the folder so that you can get into the server.  Make a shortcut to this updater so you can run it a couple times a week manually and primarily after you know a patch just happened.

(5) Run "SWGEmu" ONLY to start the game which is located inside the folder.  Make a shortcut on your desktop to start the game.

(6) Discord = Get on the Discord app if you have Windows 10.  That way you can use the push to talk button while in game.  OR.... put on your phone.  OR use this link from the website.

Note: A lot of people shy away from discord because they don't like voice chat. Discord is not only voice chat. most people simply use the text chatrooms.

(7) Enable the ability to run multiple instances of the game = log in and play 2 or more toons at one time.  Such as... one toon is harvesting resources, one is on healing a third that is fighting a Krayt dragon. Put the two attached files into the SWG folder where one of the files should replace an existing file, and the other will be new.  You now should be able to start multiple instances of the game.

Note: The swgemu config file you download must be edited to enable multiple instances. on opening it you will see:
.include "swgemu_login.cfg"
.include "swgemu_live.cfg"
.include "swgemu_preload.cfg"
.include "options.cfg"
#.include "user.cfg"

you must delete the pound sign (#) and save/overwrite the file for multiple instances to work

>>> If you need help please go into Discord and message Halo or others for assistance!  --- OR... See Video Link Below:


(2 files below you will want as stated above)

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