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In Live / Hotfix 11-27-17
« on: November 27, 2017, 10:10:16 PM »
Loading Screens:
The loading screen has improved performance, allowing you to go back to character selection from the loading screen by pressing escape.

Theed now allows travel to all planets.

Reckless Shot, Overwhelming Shot, and Concussion Shot no longer cause server stability issues when used on a lair.

Saber Spin Attack now correctly applies an AOE effect.
Force Armor 1 correctly applies the armor effect.
Several Icons have been added for Jedi abilities.
Jedi Powers abilities now grant Jedi XP.
Jedi Powers abilities have the correct ranges applied.
Force Weaken now works correctly.
Force Throw 2 now has AOE ability
Force Run 1 string text reads correctly.
Jedi Innate Armor is now working correctly.
Jedi Life count no longer decreases on PvE death. Upon using /regainConciousness and losing a life, an event is created for your character to award one life back.

Bounty Hunter:
Duelist Stance displays the correct status text.

Village of Aurilia:
Crafting: Repair the Sensor Array: Quest is now working properly.

AT-XT added.

Vehicle Deeds:
Vehicle deeds now show up as vehicles when dropped in a structure.

In Live / Hotfix 11-5-17
« on: November 05, 2017, 08:46:56 PM »
Fixed a bug with Jedi Life cost during PvE death.

Corrected Spice withdraw cool down from 2 minutes to 30 seconds.

Fixed some Armor Segments resource weight description in Draft Schematic screen.

UI Improvements to be more accurate.
Credits to Levarris for helping  8)

In Live / Hotfix 11-2-17
« on: November 02, 2017, 11:13:51 PM »
Fixed Jedi EXP Gain

Fixed Gorax Spawns

Bounty Hunter
Fixed eyeShot to blind

Fixed chargeShot to Cone Damage

In Live / Hotfix 10-29-17
« on: October 30, 2017, 12:03:11 AM »
Avenging Mort Rebel Ark now implemented

Ranged Weapon resource requirements now more equal to the demands of Melee weapons

Hard Tokens fixed at Fort Tusken

In Live / Hotfix 10-23-17
« on: October 23, 2017, 11:09:13 PM »
New segments are now available for entry level Armorsmith
Environmental (Primus) Layers returned to skill tree

5 Characters can now be logged per account

Bacta Spray should now heal friendly targets

Melee and Ranged Enhancements have had their stats updated

Remember to run your Auto updaters.

Announcements / SWG Restoration presents the Combat Upgrade
« on: October 14, 2017, 11:28:17 PM »
Greetings! I am pleased to announce the Release of SWG Restorations Combat Upgrade server.

This is a fresh server opening up today and the server will feature the following!

The server features as much of the Combat Upgrade as possible packed into the 14.1 Client.

We are using the 14.1 Client due to packet issues with the Later Combat Upgrade Client, While it functions for a handful of features much work still needs to be done. Restorations goal is a playable Combat Upgrade server and move on to the proper client as time goes on.

You can read about specific changes or supplements added to the 14.1 Client to Emulate Combat Upgrade Gameplay on our Wiki here:

Base EXP rates are x4 for Solo Combat, Grouping will increase EXP gained significantly based on the Party size in range.

Content and progression is largely Focused on the Combat Upgrade, Kashyyyk quest and Dungeons are the first priority. Mustafar will follow.

Most of Restoration Pre CU's Custom Content is ported over since the work was completed, And a New player Experience Introduction quest is under work to help draw players into Restorations Unique Alternative story.


Crafting has been significantly modified, We use a Core based System for Weapons, Armor has a Universal Core with Battle, Recon and Assault like Segments.

For example, If you craft a Blaster Power Handler (Used for all Rifles) you can place this Core into any Rifle Appearance in the Game, If your Favorite rifle is the Laser Rifle, it will be as useful as the same Components Core used in a Fallen Hyper Rifle.

For Armor, If you want more Energy Protection, Recon Segments can be crafted into an Armor Core, Then you may place the Armor Core in any Armor skin. Effectively making Recon Composite, Switch your Segments to Battle and you can Craft Battle Composite.

More Details for Crafting are on the Wiki and we encourage you to read there before jumping in and expecting Pre CU Crafting.

Jedi take a page from Both Restoration's Pre CU server and from the Combat Upgrade. The server Features full Combat Upgrade Profession Trees, But Restorations FRS and Blue Glowy system.

Jedi Progression starts at the Village, Once Jedi has been unlocked Jedi are subjected to the Life system.
Essentially a Jedi starts with 5 Lives. Each time a Jedi dies in PvP he must recover taking 1 Life, If the Jedi runs out of Lifes they are placed in the Blue Glowy state. During Blue Glowy you cannot Attack or be Attacked but may take part in all the other Features of SWG except Combat. This is so Jedi are used more wisely in PvP instead of the unfortunate Jedi wars that took place during the Original Combat Upgrade. Lives can be restored via various Functions in game.

Once Eligible, there is a Unique Unlock System for the various FRS trees in game.

Blue Glowys Duration is dependent on the Jedis FRS rank, Higher the rank the longer the Duration.

Ranking Trees for Non Jedi from Restoration Pre CU will be featured here as well, As a means to keep non Jedi on equal playing ground.

Accounts and more
Players are limited to 1 Account per Household unless a second account is authorized. If you need two Accounts, Contact Halo.
Each Account is limited to 5 Characters.
CSRs have multiple permission edits to allow only the most basic commands needed to assist players, Any situation that would require something drastic such as Skill loss, or Item loss must be escalated to Halo for evaluation.

Download and install instructions are featured on our home page here:

Announcements / MOVED: Official Relaunch!
« on: October 14, 2017, 10:53:39 PM »

In Live / Hotfix 10-9-17
« on: October 09, 2017, 10:23:08 PM »
General Bug Fixes
Fixed Group EXP
Fixed Combat Medic and Doctor EXP required
Fixed Bacta Toss flytext
Fixed Melee Strike missing from Unarmed II
Fixed Jabba Convo For Avenging Mort
Fixed Wounds on Action and Mind during cloning
Fixed the Cooldown on Combat Medic attacks
Fixed Recruiter Item Listings
Fixed the Item Sting on CU Decoration

OldForumsBackup / Combat Restoration Announcement
« on: July 24, 2017, 08:08:58 PM »
The Combat Restoration

Greeting fellow Restoration players. I am pleased to announce a very exciting update to the server, The Combat Restoration! Its no secret Restoration has drawn many ideas from the Combat Upgrade over the years, as my personal favorite iteration of the game it's been a vast inspiration. While mostly pleased with how the pre cu hybrid Restoration currently has turned out, I have always felt a slight disconnect compared to actual Combat Upgrade. After some internal testing and some crafty ideas, it became possible to do this update. This has been a goal of mine to achieve since my start with the SWGemu, and I now feel it is possible to deliver on that dream. Although we are calling it the Combat Restoration; to try and remove ourselves from the negative connotation that was wrought during the Combat Upgrade, we are still attempting to emulate, and bring back the best parts of the Combat Upgrade, while fixing the balancing issues.

With that being said, here is a brief overview of what is to come. Things are subject to change as we continue our work, but for the most part, what is listed below will be apart of the finished product.

HAM Changes
Health, Action and Mind will still be retained, but Health will be the only pool attackable. Health will also be the only pool that will cause a player to incapacitate if they reach zero. Action is there to be used to fire off special attacks, and Mind will be used mostly for healing abilities. With a three pool balance, the focus becomes less about what profession to choose that can attack a certain bar, and more about profession flexibility.

For the most part, all professions will emulate the professions in the Combat Upgrade. After extensive research, our team was able to find hard values used in the Combat Upgrade, and therefore we feel extremely confident we can emulate the professions about as close as possible. Feel free to ask for a CU Profession calculator so you can see what is to come if your memory needs a refresher.

Combat Balance
For the most part, Restoration has strived to achieve combat balance.  The Pre-CU system is one filled with flaws, especially when it comes to combat balance. At this servers inception, we planned on creating an environment where every profession is viable. We feel that we somewhat achieved that, but with the CR, we will really be able to showcase every profession and make it feel like everyone has a place in the galaxy.

Jedi seems to be the focal point of all SWGemu servers at this point. Restoration has always boasted the most unique Jedi system, and we continue to plan on delivering that. There are multiple ideas on how to approach Jedi, but we can promise that it will be delivered in true Restoration fashion, a system that is special and unique in its own right, all why maintaining a balance within our system.

Crafting will have a rather large shift. Restoration already attempted to normalize all weapons so that everyone was not running around in Composite Armor and wielding a T-21. Although we were somewhat successful in doing so, we shifted the system entirely, so that the easiest resources to acquire became the most used weapons and armor. In the CR, we will be moving to a Core system. This means that the skins for weapons and armor will be nothing more than that, skins. The resource values for those items will be all but taken out and put into one item, the weapon or armor core. This way, all weapons will be on the same playing field and require the same resources to stat correctly.

As you can see, this is a large scale change. A lot of hard work has been going on behind the scenes and with this announcement, we are going public with our movement into the future. We would love to include everyone and anyone in our discussions, as well as help testing features. Feel free to reach out to any staff members, or start a discussion in discord about the coming changes and we will do our best to keep an open line of communication. We are extremely excited to bring this to you guys, and will continue to release updates about our work. Look forward to more detailed guides and examples as the testing continues. Again thank you for your continued support, and we look forward to seeing you on the server!

-Restoration Staff

OldForumsBackup / Community Address 7-20
« on: July 20, 2017, 10:47:24 PM »
Core Overhaul announcement

Greetings loyal players,

Recently the team released a major patch and, admittedly, it was pushed prematurely. Our Database was substantially older than most and with the recent Core Overhaul some items have gone missing, as you may have noticed. Along with other various bugs on the server, you are probably wondering “Whats going on?”

What led to this mess? Unfortunately, the patch was not tested to its fullest extend; The team really dropped the ball on this one. Development, Admining, Website, Forums, Bills, Patching have all fallen on my shoulders; All of that while I work 40+ Hours a week and have a family, has made things difficult. Pressure from the Community and advisers resulted in releasing the update premature, this will not happen anymore. From now on we will have a development cycle that will fully vet our new content, and will be released when we are secure in the fact the patch will not have negative repercussions on the server. The team will work tirelessly at making sure things are stable, and released in a timely fashion. I deeply apologize for the inconvenience this has caused everyone, especially those who have been loyal to Restoration from the start.

However, It is time to move forward!

I won't lie, We have a rocky road ahead of us, and the Future of Restoration won’t be for everyone.  However what is currently in works makes me optimistic about the future.

So with that said, I am pleased to announce…

Restoration is will be undergoing, The Combat Restoration. All the details on this major overhaul are located here

So what does this mean between now and the Combat Restoration? Early implementation.
Combat will be disabled between now and the Combat Restoration Patch. The server will be receiving patches to address Bugs, Convert items, Clean up and Maintenance required before the release of this giant patch.

We will still be online for your social interaction, crafting and peace of mind that your Characters are not gone, and won’t be removed. We will NOT wipe the server with the update. I cannot reiterate this enough, your hard work will be saved. Disabling Combat is a necessary step during our pre launch process; This is the only way I can keep the server online, and move forward without wiping the server.

I cannot begin to express my thanks to the loyal supporters of Restoration, you are one of the best communities I have been apart of. We will be placing Veteran rewards on your character after the Combat Restoration, as well as respec tokens.

Thank you again for your loyal support
Lead Restoration Developer/Server Admin

OldForumsBackup / Hotfix 6-21
« on: June 21, 2017, 10:20:47 PM »
Clone trooper armor bracers from Avenging Mort reward fixed
TCG items that went missing returned to the server
NPCs missing from Enclaves has returned

The adjusted tape drops has been applied to the following mob groups.

Singing Mountain clan

OldForumsBackup / Hotfixes 6-18
« on: June 18, 2017, 11:45:13 PM »
Bug Fixes
Shuttle Timers
Housing inventory returned to correct item count
Jedi Enclave guards no longer attack friendly Jedi
Bunker of Madness spawning again
CLS items drop again
Missing items should have returned
Falling under the floor of Geocave and others should no longer happen
Players can go overt again from the recruiters

Marauder vendor placed at the Marauder stronghold
This vendor sales all 3 types of Marauder armor for Marauder Faction.

OldForumsBackup / Update 6-15
« on: June 17, 2017, 01:34:39 PM »
Some Features are marked as disabled, They had minor adjustments or bugs before the update release and will be fixed ASAP.

GCW is fully implemented
   Planetary Control feature will affect which factional NPC spawn in certain cities.

NPC Changes
   NPC’s now are labeled by a difficulty rating.
   Basic – Pretty simple, just starting off.
   Silver Elite – Harder than Basic but can still be killed with Basic Professions
Gold Elite – Can be soloed but only if well geared and taped, otherwise will require a group to kill.
   Bosses – Requires groups of players to kill.

Jedi Unlock
New Jedi unlock system will require one to unlock Force Sensitive tree (see below) then unlock Jedi through the Force Sensitive tree.

Force Sensitive
New Profession!
Force Sensitive is a stepping stone into becoming a Jedi.  Can also be used alongside with other professions to make some interesting builds, Nightsister style builds for example.
Force Sensitive will bring a handful of new abilities that you can carry with you if you proceed to Jedi.
   Current Force Sensitive tree has been renamed.

Current Jedi life system is being replaced
   Old: When a Jedi ran out of lives their skills were reset and they were forced to regrind.
New: Jedi’s still have lives but when they run out they are turned into a ghost for a period of time.
Disabled: This new ghost feature gives them access to some special features but they will be unable to gain experience until their reset timer is over.  Jedi regenerate their lives over time to a maximum of 10.

Reason:  After years of watching the old system, in essence when you died on your Jedi, You needed to regrind. This can take a few days or a few weeks depending on how much time you play, The theory is a "Cooldown" on your Jedi so its not constantly capable for Battle (Thus making it the only character some people play) However iv seen countless players get frustrated over the idea of having to "Regrind". With the new system, we hope to remove some of the frustration or feeling of "starting over" and simply put Jedi on cooldown when they clone, Now you with the glowy system, You only lose FRS Boxes and are placed in Glowy for a set number of days based on your FRS Rank when you died. You can still access the Jedi but you cannot engage in any combat, And you will not be attackable either.

   Many new quests added for the Death Watch and Black Sun.
   Questlines added to familiar Star Wars NPC’s including IG-88, Boba Fett and Bossk.
   Rotating Quest System – Quests are generated randomly and change from day to day
   Avenging Mort Quest Chain Added (Neutral Ark only!)
   Mort Can be found at Talus Deric Cantina
   Server will no longer restart daily.
Server restart will be either a weekly or bi-weekly restart but this is dependent on the performance of the server.

   Difficulty has been scaled down slightly.  And may get more fine tuning over time.
   Cost for vendor items has been decreased.

Marauder Armor
   Disabled All 3 sets of Marauder Armor have been added to loot tables.
Factional Armor
   Factional armor schematics no longer require as many identical armor segments.
Skill Enhancing Attachments
Disabled SEA’s should be easier to obtain as more NPC’s can now drop useful tapes that couldn’t previously.

New Weapon Schematics added to Death Watch and Black Sun Vendors
      Sandcrawler schematic has been added.
      Disabled Tusken Helm schematic has been added.

   Disabled There have been many textures added to enhance the effects of the game.
      Colorable Bone Armor
      Faction-Neutral Padawan Robe
      Rebel AT-XT

In Testing / Restoration Roadmap
« on: June 17, 2017, 01:20:08 PM »
Here is a layout of what to planned on Restoration, and what phase its currently in.

Color Ledger:
Red = Concept or Planning phase
Orange = Early implementation or Pre Alpha, Parts physically exist in game.
Yellow = Testing and implementation.
Green = Ready for release or released on Live server.

Combat Restoration
                Phase 1

                fixed HAM based on species created, Phase 1 has no Lvl progressive HAM system.
                CU Action and Mind regeneration formulas.
                Ham Debuffs, Action regen down, Mind regen down, ect, ect.

                Cool downs, Partial Augmentation


                Teras Kasi


                Bounty Hunter
                Creature Handler

                Combat Medic

                Knight Trials


                Instant Stimpacks
                Stimpack Enhancers
                Dot Enhancers
                Buff Enhancers


                Weapon Deconstruction

                                2h swords



                POIs Balanced and enhanced

                Phase 2
                Full Combat Upgrade Client


      Planet Zone
      Myydril Caverns

      Planet Zone

Battle of Restuss
Talus GCW Zone
Tatooine GCW Zone
Dantooine GCW Zone

Star Destroyer Heroic
IG88 Heroic
Axkiva Min Heroic

OldForumsBackup / Shoutbox is disabled
« on: December 17, 2016, 06:51:37 PM »
We have decided to disable the Shoutbox, as we have no plugin to relay Shoutbox messages to Discord (where 90% of the playerbase resides) It was felt messages would get often overlooked. How ever if a forum post is made, that gets broadcast over the Discord and the response rate is much higher. We hope this improves the level of communication with new players by utilizing our Discord plugin.


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