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Community Update for the week of September 11th, 2016
« on: September 11, 2016, 09:41:16 PM »
Greetings Restorations! Iím Tealíc, your new Community Representative.

In this weekís update Iím going tell you about ďAvenging MortĒ a quest from Rage of the Wookies which will be making its way to our server in the very near future, as well as provide answers to some questions Iíve seen pop up on Discord lately.

Those of you who played post-cu are undoubtedly familiar with this quest and its reward. For those of you who abandoned the game before then, Avenging Mort was part of the ďClone RelicsĒ questline, and had you helping a former clone trooper named Mort get revenge on his old commander who abandoned his squad to die on Kashyyyk. As a reward, Mort gives you his old clone armor (named Katarn Armor in-game) a hologram of a ship to decorate your house with, and 3,000 points to your GCW faction (or jabba if neutral).

Katarn armor was extremely popular with low to mid-level players because of its high stats and low requirements, and that it could also be worn by Wookies and Ithorians. Its biggest drawback was that Imperial players received armor with a Black/Light green color scheme that many considered ugly.

Fortunately, thatís where things differ on this server.
Instead of the color being determined by your faction, you will instead be able to change the color of your katarn armor the same way you can with Composite.

In addition, there are plans for a draft schematic version of the armor, so your friendly neighborhood armorsmith will be able to make stronger katarn armor, with lightsaber resist, so you can execute Order 66 in style, and without being decapitated as easily.

The Restuss update is about halfway complete, and Iíll be bringing you more details on that in a later Community update.

TCG items that arenít on many other private servers are being ported over. (The TCG was a Trading Card Game within NGE that allowed players to get their hands on rare vehicles and houses such as jabba's sail barge house, the senate podium speeder, and countless others)

And much, much, more.

So as many of you know, at some point after the Jedi overhaul, all FRS ranks will be reset.
Many people have been asking if the Non-Jedi PVP ranks (Death Watch, Black Sun, Stormtrooper, Rebel SpecForce) will also be reset.
The answer is yes. All PVP rankings will eventually be reset and overhauled.

Well thatís all for this weekís post. If you have any specific questions pertaining to the future of the server please feel free to send me a message on here, and Iíll try to get the answers to as many of them as possible for the next post.
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