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Getting started in Restoration, what is different?
« on: April 08, 2016, 01:36:59 AM »
So Restoration has many differences from the standard SWGEMU server. I find myself explaining a lot to new players in game (not that there is anything wrong with that, I love to help people) so I figured I would help out by putting a guide to help new players understand this server a little better.
This guide will assume that you understand how to play SWG already, if you don't know how to play... then god help you. If god can't help you then people in game should be able to help you get a feel for the game. Do not feel bad about asking questions. You are required to ask a lot of understand this game and people are usually willing to help.

Before you do anything. Once your character loads into the game, make sure to right click on the ďspatialĒ tab above the chat box and select ďmodify tabĒ and move General, Group and Guild from available channels to the active channels. To speak in general chat type /general before your message to communicate with players all around the galaxy.
1. Combat and starting off:
The first thing to notice is that combat has been revamped significantly. Having stun/mind damage is no longer the end all be all best of PvP. There has been significant balance between all classes as well as different skill point requirements for certain professions (more on that later) to allow for more unique template builds. There is a small modifier to XP when you are solo, but the XP increases when you are grouped up and your group members are within range. The moar people you have grouped up and close to you, the moar XP you will get. If you are having trouble finding a group, feel free to ask around on the forums and in discord and hopefully you can find somebody who can help. Faction pets and regular pets should help with group XP as well. Combat has also been slowed down a tic so that it is not just spamming your best attack and firing every half second. Speed caps off at 1 second, but to even get that far you need to use a lot of tapes to bring your speed down. For the most part states are the same (if I am wrong someone please correct me.) The big difference is the Dizzy state. Instead of not allowing you to get up should you happen to change your posture while Dizzy, it will make you fall if you walk around too much while Dizzy. Many professions too also have the ability to snare and slow down your opponent. Some of the stronger abilities have been given a cool down so you cannot just spam the good attacks like crazy, Instead forcing you to mix up your attacks a little more. Itís a small adjustment but itís very easy to get used too.
1.5 Buffs and Armor:
Buffs are radically different on this server as well as the need for armor. There are still doctor buffs and entertainer buffs but they have been drastically reduced as a part of the combat balance. When you start off you will notice a terminal called a food dispenser, usually outside of the star port in major cities (in Coronet itís immediately to the left as you exit the star port.) that you can request a ration from every minute or so. This will be your primary source of buffs on the server. It gives you a nice boost in Health Action and Mind of about 1500, but will only give the secondary stats (stamina, willpower, strength, etc) a boost of about 100. This works well though because Armor no longer has encumbrance on your character so you can put on a full set of comp armor unbuffed and it will not affect your action costs. Doctor and Entertainer buffs are meant to supplement the food buff. It is also important to note that entertainer buffs also provide a bonus to Accuracy, crafting assembly and terrain negotiation, however they will not show up in your buff window, but they are there. While we are on the subject of armor. The levels of protection have been evened out across all armor types. Now the only difference in armor is the look. In the hands of a good Armorsmith, a set of bone armor will be just as effective as a suit of Comp. This is a nice change because now everybody will not just be running around in different colors of Comp armor but instead running around with all different types. Armor is also styled a little more like the CU and resistances scale up to 8000 (which does not translate to 80% damage reduction, but 50%) and you get diminishing returns trying to stack higher than 8000.)
*note* On this server you can master a combat profession without armor using only food buffs and your starting weapons. Obviously having armor helps, but is not critical to have.
2. Healing:
Healing on this server has been changed up a bit. Instead of only healing Health and Action, a medic (with the proper skills) can now heal Mind as well. Also you no longer click on the stim pack to heal, you will get an ability that specifically states what part of the HAM it heals. Which means you can heal mind damage now. There are also abilities as you get more skills in medic that will heal health and action more at the cost of a little more mind (bacta jab). Doctor and Combat medic skill requirements have also been changed so you no longer need master Medic to get either profession (more on that later). Donít forget about the /tendwound command. That is the quickest and easiest way to level up as a novice Medic.
2.5 Healing numbers:
So I had the numbers better explained to me so hopefully I can better explain them here. Your injury treatment skill represents a percentage of what you will heal. So if you have 25 injury treatment skill mod and you have a stimpack that will heal 300, then you will heal 75 damage with a single heal. Multi heal skills (like Bacta Jab) will heal 100% plus your heal injury skill. So using bacta jab with 300 heal stims would heal 375 of health and action damage. However this has a cool down and a higher mind cost.
Combat Medics still have the base of 100 on them so CM ranged heals will heal for 100% plus your CM heal injury skill. Also note that CM poisons only target health now.
3. Crafting:
Crafting has largely remained unchanged (donít fix what isnít broken right?). One thing to note is that the lots for harvesters has been modified. The best way to get started as a crafter is to contact LotsaDots/tiktok/toctic in game or on Discord. Him and his cronies run Anvil on Tatooine and he can help you get set up with a shop and a house in town. That city also has access to crafting stations and factories if you become a resident of the city and a member of the crafters guild. With the 5 character limit and being able to have 4 characters on at once (follow Lotsadots guide to set up multiple instances.) it is very easy to get them all to farm resources while you are AFK to build your stockpile early on. Overall though crafting is pretty much the same. The biggest change you will notice are differences in crafting Armor and Weapons since that had to be changed up to go with the combat balance. The process of crafting them is still roughly the same, but the end result will be much different.
4. Professions:
Many of the professions in the game have had work done to them. Some of the most notable changes you find right away is that the Bounty Hunter and Commando professions no longer require you to be master Marksman. Instead you only need to be xxx4 Marksman and the same Brawler\Scout skills needed to get novice. Combat Medic and Doctor only need x4xx and xx44 respectively of Medic instead of master. You will still need xxx4 of Marksman to get combat medic. A lot of other professions have had their abilities changed around too. One of the biggest examples is Bounty Hunter. The Heavy Weapons tree in BH was replaced with rifles (LLC is still in the game, but it's called a Light Lightning Rifle instead). The abilities have been greatly changed as well in an effort to help balance out. A few other changes to mention are TKM's getting an innate armor that lets them wear cloths instead of armor and have natural armor that protects even against lightsabers. Fencer was given a snare, and Swordsman was given armor break, Pikemen still have AoE attacks and intimidate. There was also a new crafting profession called Mechanic which deals with creating speeders and prosthetic limbs. I won't go over every profession change here as there is a lot to cover. But figuring them out is half the fun.
5. Jedi:
(at the time of the last edit, the jedi system is still like this. However there is a revamp planned that will change this and I will update the guide accordingly when the revamp is pushed out.)
So... here we are at Jedi. Jedi on this server is vastly different from others. Jedi is very easy to obtain on this server, but difficult to level and maintain. Jedi are limited to a certain number of lives that go down if you are killed by another player. Only by getting killed by a player will you lose a life, a PvE death does not count against your life count. Once your lives reach 0, you must clone and restart your jedi. A slain Jedi must use the skill regain consciousness to revive themselves. If you clone then that will result in permadeath and you will lose all of your skills. To get Jedi you must spend 200 skill points then head to the Village on Dathomir. There is a shuttle right next to the village so you can shuttle there instead of having to drive your speeder from the science outpost. Talk to the old man who will give you a waypoint to a shrine. Kneel at the Shrine and interact with it and it will unlock your force sensitive character and will allow you to create your jedi/sith. Once you create your Jedi there will be a shrine that you can interact with before you shuttle to a planet to allow you to teleport to the Jedi or Sith enclave. From there it is a quest based system until you reach padawan. After you reach padawan you are free to level as you wish. The padawan quest is a little tricky, but you should be able to get help from other players online if it is too much for you. Visibility in this server is different from others. You will not get visibility from Animals or NPC's. You will only get vis from using your powers or your lightsaber within 200 meters of non-grouped players who are not apart of your faction. A neutral un-grouped player will give you a little bit of vis where a member of the enemy faction will give you a lot of vis (though itís entirely possible that even grouped non-faction players will still give vis, would need to confirm this). If your visibility gets to 10 then you are placed on the Bounty Hunter terminals. You can check the amount of Vis you have by visiting a Jedi shrine and kneeling at it. The other thing to note is that if a Jedi has their lightsaber equpped or a Jedi title displayed then they will be able to be attacked by any player. So if you are walking around Coronet with your saber out, anybody who is not in your group can attack you. If a Bounty Hunter takes a Jediís mission and should defeat him, that Bounty Hunter will not only claim the reward for the mission, but will also be given the opportunity to loot the Jediís equipped lightsaber as a trophy.

6. PvP and GCW:
So along with the balance changes to combat, there have been some changes that help dictate PvP. There is a player bounty system in place that will allow you to put a price on somebodyís head if they should kill you. This will allow a bounty hunter to pick up their mission and hunt them down. another cool change that has been put in place is a ranking system for non-force sensitive players. There is a rebel and imperial special forces ranking system and there is also a Death Watch (rebel aligned) and Black Sun (imp aligned) Ranking system too. They work in the same fashion as the force ranking systems and gives more incentive for Players to PvP. You can rank up by delivering the deathblow to another player of any rank (jedi, gcw or the BS or DW rank). You can join the Rebel special forces by visiting the rebel base on Rori or the Imperial special forces by visiting the imp base on Talus. You can become a member of the Death Watch by visiting the cantina in Mos Entha on Tatooine or become a member of the Black Sun by visiting the cantina in Kareen on Naboo. All 4 of these factions have access to special schematics you can buy that will let you get new armor, weapons and decorations. Gaining ranks in these factions will also increase your offensive and defensive capabilities and will give you unique titles as well. Going into any of these ranks will force you to become permanent special forces. So make sure that your template is ready before you pursue these paths. There is also a working battlefield on Talus at the ďRebel vs imperial battleĒ POI on Talus. You can get rebel/imperial specials forces rewards here.
6.5. TEF:
I mentioned earlier that Jedi who are have their lightsaber equipped or a jedi title displayed will be attackable on site. Well if anybody attacks a Jedi they will get a TEF (temporary enemy flag) which will allow anybody to attack them. And should anybody attack them they will also get a TEF. So if you are out and about with your friend who is a jedi and a bounty hunter shows up and starts attacking him, you are free to open fire on the bounty hunter as soon as he starts his attack. This will put a TEF on you as well so somebody else comes along they can attack you if they so wish. The TEF should only last about a minute or two.

7. New Farm Spots:
At the time of this writing there have been two major revamps to the Janta Caves and the Tusken Bunker (not the Fort Tusken POI keep in mind). Jantaís on Dantooine have been revamped to drop more Clothing Attachments and Armor Attachments. But they will no longer provide experience points. If you head to the Janta Caves POI on dantooine you will notice that there are more enemies. A cave full of regular jantas with a handful of bosses that have a chance to drop some good tapes and weapon enhancements. This place is a great place for somebody who just finished their template to go and farm credits if you don't like the monotony of running money missions.
The Tusken Bunker was converted to the Bunker of Darkness. Head out to -1500 -200 on Tatooine. You will find a bunker with a bunch of imperial troops on the outside. On the inside there will be a handful of Dark Apprentices who although tough will usually drop 20+ attachments or possibly rings and necklaces that can have defensive bonusí on them. At the bottom of the bunker will be a boss named Darth Savage who is very very tough and you will likely need moar people to take him down.
The newest place is the Trade Federation Bunker. Head out northwest of Theed and go along the beach and you should find the bunker. This place is loaded with Battle Droids and other NPCs. It is a good place for tapes, weapon enhancements, and other loot. But this place is a bit moar advanced and you should not go there unless you are at a full template.
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