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OldForumsBackup / Re: Returning player (cant log in? :( )
« Last post by lotsadots on August 26, 2017, 05:17:24 PM »
Hello!  Please get on Discord and get the needed details and couple of files to get on our test server and assist there so we can finish up Resto CU enhancements!  Live will be backup soon, but testing needs to be done first.  Hope you can help and enjoy the fun with us!
OldForumsBackup / Returning player (cant log in? :( )
« Last post by Thekro on August 26, 2017, 05:00:10 PM »
Hi I played resto a long time ago, seems I had to make a new account.

I've installed and updated etc, but i can't seem to log in? is this server still going? or do I need to register my account elsewhere or anything?

OldForumsBackup / Re: Cannot enter village and no shuttle nearby
« Last post by sageblood on August 16, 2017, 02:11:28 PM »
Hey there benedictus.atm jedi unlock is currently disabled as far as i know.Jedi should be back,and unlockable when the server has transfered over to CU,or a little after.Depending on when jedi development is done,and ready to be implemented.
OldForumsBackup / Cannot enter village and no shuttle nearby
« Last post by benedictus on August 16, 2017, 01:48:33 PM »

I've spent over 200 skill points (208) yet i cannot enter the village. Could someone tell me what I did wrong?
Also at the nearby shuttleport it says there are no shuttles nearby.

Thx in advance
OldForumsBackup / Combat Restoration Announcement
« Last post by Halo on July 24, 2017, 08:08:58 PM »
The Combat Restoration

Greeting fellow Restoration players. I am pleased to announce a very exciting update to the server, The Combat Restoration! Its no secret Restoration has drawn many ideas from the Combat Upgrade over the years, as my personal favorite iteration of the game it's been a vast inspiration. While mostly pleased with how the pre cu hybrid Restoration currently has turned out, I have always felt a slight disconnect compared to actual Combat Upgrade. After some internal testing and some crafty ideas, it became possible to do this update. This has been a goal of mine to achieve since my start with the SWGemu, and I now feel it is possible to deliver on that dream. Although we are calling it the Combat Restoration; to try and remove ourselves from the negative connotation that was wrought during the Combat Upgrade, we are still attempting to emulate, and bring back the best parts of the Combat Upgrade, while fixing the balancing issues.

With that being said, here is a brief overview of what is to come. Things are subject to change as we continue our work, but for the most part, what is listed below will be apart of the finished product.

HAM Changes
Health, Action and Mind will still be retained, but Health will be the only pool attackable. Health will also be the only pool that will cause a player to incapacitate if they reach zero. Action is there to be used to fire off special attacks, and Mind will be used mostly for healing abilities. With a three pool balance, the focus becomes less about what profession to choose that can attack a certain bar, and more about profession flexibility.

For the most part, all professions will emulate the professions in the Combat Upgrade. After extensive research, our team was able to find hard values used in the Combat Upgrade, and therefore we feel extremely confident we can emulate the professions about as close as possible. Feel free to ask for a CU Profession calculator so you can see what is to come if your memory needs a refresher.

Combat Balance
For the most part, Restoration has strived to achieve combat balance.  The Pre-CU system is one filled with flaws, especially when it comes to combat balance. At this servers inception, we planned on creating an environment where every profession is viable. We feel that we somewhat achieved that, but with the CR, we will really be able to showcase every profession and make it feel like everyone has a place in the galaxy.

Jedi seems to be the focal point of all SWGemu servers at this point. Restoration has always boasted the most unique Jedi system, and we continue to plan on delivering that. There are multiple ideas on how to approach Jedi, but we can promise that it will be delivered in true Restoration fashion, a system that is special and unique in its own right, all why maintaining a balance within our system.

Crafting will have a rather large shift. Restoration already attempted to normalize all weapons so that everyone was not running around in Composite Armor and wielding a T-21. Although we were somewhat successful in doing so, we shifted the system entirely, so that the easiest resources to acquire became the most used weapons and armor. In the CR, we will be moving to a Core system. This means that the skins for weapons and armor will be nothing more than that, skins. The resource values for those items will be all but taken out and put into one item, the weapon or armor core. This way, all weapons will be on the same playing field and require the same resources to stat correctly.

As you can see, this is a large scale change. A lot of hard work has been going on behind the scenes and with this announcement, we are going public with our movement into the future. We would love to include everyone and anyone in our discussions, as well as help testing features. Feel free to reach out to any staff members, or start a discussion in discord about the coming changes and we will do our best to keep an open line of communication. We are extremely excited to bring this to you guys, and will continue to release updates about our work. Look forward to more detailed guides and examples as the testing continues. Again thank you for your continued support, and we look forward to seeing you on the server!

-Restoration Staff

OldForumsBackup / Re: Please Upload to Galaxy Harvest!
« Last post by boone on July 21, 2017, 12:52:09 AM »
I really wish Halo would consider this. I would make crafting more enjoyable on the server. I use to craft DE on the server, but I haven't in a while because it's almost impossible to know what resources are out there.

There is a opensoure code for implementing auto-uploads on github. I'll link it below.
OldForumsBackup / Community Address 7-20
« Last post by Halo on July 20, 2017, 10:47:24 PM »
Core Overhaul announcement

Greetings loyal players,

Recently the team released a major patch and, admittedly, it was pushed prematurely. Our Database was substantially older than most and with the recent Core Overhaul some items have gone missing, as you may have noticed. Along with other various bugs on the server, you are probably wondering “Whats going on?”

What led to this mess? Unfortunately, the patch was not tested to its fullest extend; The team really dropped the ball on this one. Development, Admining, Website, Forums, Bills, Patching have all fallen on my shoulders; All of that while I work 40+ Hours a week and have a family, has made things difficult. Pressure from the Community and advisers resulted in releasing the update premature, this will not happen anymore. From now on we will have a development cycle that will fully vet our new content, and will be released when we are secure in the fact the patch will not have negative repercussions on the server. The team will work tirelessly at making sure things are stable, and released in a timely fashion. I deeply apologize for the inconvenience this has caused everyone, especially those who have been loyal to Restoration from the start.

However, It is time to move forward!

I won't lie, We have a rocky road ahead of us, and the Future of Restoration won’t be for everyone.  However what is currently in works makes me optimistic about the future.

So with that said, I am pleased to announce…

Restoration is will be undergoing, The Combat Restoration. All the details on this major overhaul are located here

So what does this mean between now and the Combat Restoration? Early implementation.
Combat will be disabled between now and the Combat Restoration Patch. The server will be receiving patches to address Bugs, Convert items, Clean up and Maintenance required before the release of this giant patch.

We will still be online for your social interaction, crafting and peace of mind that your Characters are not gone, and won’t be removed. We will NOT wipe the server with the update. I cannot reiterate this enough, your hard work will be saved. Disabling Combat is a necessary step during our pre launch process; This is the only way I can keep the server online, and move forward without wiping the server.

I cannot begin to express my thanks to the loyal supporters of Restoration, you are one of the best communities I have been apart of. We will be placing Veteran rewards on your character after the Combat Restoration, as well as respec tokens.

Thank you again for your loyal support
Lead Restoration Developer/Server Admin
OldForumsBackup / Re: Not able to log in all day
« Last post by Blacktongue on July 15, 2017, 11:02:11 AM »
In case you missed the last patch run your updater and see if that helps.
That worked Thanks! Now back to the grind.
OldForumsBackup / Re: Not able to log in all day
« Last post by lotsadots on July 15, 2017, 12:40:59 AM »
In case you missed the last patch run your updater and see if that helps.
OldForumsBackup / Not able to log in all day
« Last post by Blacktongue on July 15, 2017, 12:10:28 AM »
I had the day off and decided to grind up some crafting and I couldn't log in all day.
Is the server down? I also can't find a server status anywhere.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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