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Publish 1: Update 5 Squadleader polishing and more
« on: June 05, 2016, 10:24:20 PM »
New features!
Socket Expertise is a new skill tape that will drop, This skill tape after 100 points will give you 4 sockets on any item you craft every time, before that its an extra roll if you dont make the 4 socket mark.

Ancient Spider on Naboo, This scripted boss is designed for large groups and is located in Southern Naboo, how ever some balancing tweeks may be required. Additional loot is being added to this boss over the week.

Lightning cannon animation has been changed

Nyms themepark now gives a schematic based carbine instead of a completed weapon, If you have the completed weapon please visit a CSR to swap out your complete weapon for a draft schematic as the old weapons will be removed.

Squadleader now has 3 new abilities
Paint Target 1, Paint Target 2 and Core Bomb, Core Bomb is a AOE grenade that causes a Fire Dot around the target. Paint Target line is a ranged Armor Break.

These new abilities bring Squadleader to a respectable and viable class, we look forward to see what builds players create with these changes.

Bounty Hunter armor schematics are about to be enabled, This week if you have any saved up you will be able to give them to a Armorsmith and begin crafting your new suits.

You may notice some new NPCs around the world, These are place holders for coming quest/missions/themeparks.

Also much of Restuss has been cleaned out or disabled in preparation for the Battle of Restuss update.

Holocrons have been disabled.

Jedi are going to be undergoing some changes that we will talk about within the next few weeks.

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