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Jedi TEF & Visibility Explained
« on: January 05, 2017, 08:48:25 PM »
Jedi TEF and Vis questions get asked very frequently so this will serve as a go-to guide for new players interested in playing Jedi on Restoration. 

Please note that I am not a developer and everything I've posted here is from my own experience.  That said, if anyone notices any discrepancy between what I've posted here and what they themselves encounter in game, please let me know.

What is TEF?

Temporary Enemy Flag or TEF is triggered by performing certain actions within range of certain players.  Jedi with TEF are vulnerable to attack from other players and cannot enter player buildings for 5 minutes.  Each subsequent TEF triggering action will renew the 5 minute timer.  The TEF condition is indicated by a flag symbol beside your player name. 

What is Visibility?

Visibility or Vis is specific to the Jedi profession.   Visibility starts at 0 and is accrued by performing certain actions within range of certain players.  When a Jedi’s visibility reaches 10, a Bounty Mission is created for the Jedi for 250,000 credits that can be accepted by any other player with the Investigation III box of the Bounty Hunter profession.   At this point you can be tracked and hunted down by any number of bloodthirsty Bounty Hunters.

How do you get a TEF or Vis?

Generally Jedi obtain a TEF and gain Visibility when the following conditions are met:
  • The Jedi is doing Jedi Stuff™: A Lightsaber is equipped and/or Jedi title is displayed and/or Force powers are used; and
  • The Jedi is within 200 meters of a Player Character; and
  • That Player Character is of Neutral or Enemy faction to the Jedi, more specifically:

Visibility accrues quickly, so it doesn’t take much to get listed on the Bounty Terminals by doing Jedi Stuff™ in the wrong situation.  If you have a chance PvP encounter that lasts a few minutes, odds are your Vis will be in the 100’s+.  However if you only have brief exposure (i.e. you “accidentally your saber” in a Starport or your /forceFocus macro goes off around a player) chances are you will still be under the threshold to get listed on the terminals.  If you’re trying to stay hidden, it’s always good practice to check your Vis after an encounter.

How can I check how much Vis I have?

Jedi can check their Vis by meditating at a Force Shrine.  A list of Force Shrine locations can be found here:

Players with BH alts can also check the terminals to see if their Jedi is listed.

How can I get rid of my Vis?

Visibility DOES decay over time, albeit slowly.  At the time of this writing I do not know the exact rate, nor can I speak to whether or not that rate depends on being logged in.  I suspect the decay rate is somewhere around 1 point per hour.  And I know it does decay when offline as well.  I also don’t believe there is a cap on visibility.

Visibility is wiped to 0 if the Jedi deathblows a Bounty Hunter player with their mission.

Visibility is also wiped to 0 if the Jedi player loses a life PvP.

The Channel Force ability granted granted in the first FRS box removes a small amount of Visibility when activated.

Do I get a TEF or Vis from X or Y?
  • Jedi do NOT get visibility until after they complete their Padawan trials, however the TEF mechanics are still the same.
  • Jedi do NOT get TEF or Vis from equipping robes around other players
  • Jedi do NOT get TEF or Vis from crafting Lightsabers around other players
  • Jedi do NOT get TEF or Vis from NPC’s for any reason
  • Jedi do NOT get TEF or Vis when they have force buffs (ie Force Armor, Focus, etc) active around players.  They DO still get TEF & Vis when they activate those buffs around a player, however. 
  • While Jedi do NOT get TEF or Vis around an non-grouped player of the same faction, they are still targetable and attackable if they are doing Jedi Stuff™
More on Bounty Hunter & Jedi Bounty Mechanics
  • If a BH kills the Jedi for whom they have a mission, the BH automatically loots the Jedi’s Lightsaber, provided the Jedi has a Lightsaber equipped when deathblown by the BH.
  • BHs can attack Jedi they have a mission for regardless of faction or TEF.  Be aware this means a BH can often get the jump on Jedi of their same faction.
  • Bounties are first come first serve.  If a BH completes (or fails!) his player Jedi mission, any other BH will automatically fail the mission if they had it in their datapad.  The mission is removed from the terminals.
  • As mentioned Jedi cannot gain vis until after they complete their trials, and thus cannot be hunted by bounty hunters on the basis of visibility alone.  However they can still be hunted if the Jedi kills another player in PvP, and the player places a (minimum 10,000cr) bounty on the Jedi. 
  • Player bounties (10k minimum) only drop off the terminals when the mission is completed or failed by a BH.
  • Vis bounties drop off the terminals after your visibility goes below 10 with exceptions below.
  • Jedi often get a vis bounty (250k credits) AND a player bounty from PvP.   In this case, the total bounty (250k+10k minimum) will behave just as a player bounty and stay on the terminals even well after Vis drops to 0.
  • A BH will keep the vis bounty mission if they manage to accept before visibility goes below 10 and the mission falls off the terms.
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