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Publish 2: The Dormant Federation Update 2
« on: October 02, 2016, 07:39:19 PM »
Greetings players, Another update has hit the live server! Please be sure and run your auto updaters.

Force Lightning has been changed to the new model.
PvE Damage runs under a new formula

New Flytext for Cooldown abilities.
New Debuff Icon for ArmorBreak.

Some skill tapes that went MIA have returned to the loot table.

World spawns of Death Watch and Black Sun have been increased around Endor and Lok.
Fixed a bug preventing world spawns from giving faction on kill.
Revamped Intro Quest to Black Sun and Death Watch, They can now be done as a group and should no longer bug out at random.
Death Watch Bunker and Black Sun Bunker Difficulty slightly lower.
Fixed a bug with Acklay Bone drop from Geocaves Acklay.
Merr-Sonn Jetpack added to Vendors.
Fixed a bug that limited the Black Sun Daily quest to 20 faction instead of 100.

Style 5 Cybernetics have modified crafting requirements, We need feedback on this change before its applied to the other Cybernetics.

CCV Legion changed to Cold Damage.
FlameThrower and Acid Beam changed to same speed/accuracy tapes as all other Heavy Weapons.
E5, Sythe Blade, Cryo Lance and Nightsister Energy lance draft schematics updated.

One Year anniversary quest disabled.
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