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« on: July 20, 2017, 10:47:24 PM »
Core Overhaul announcement

Greetings loyal players,

Recently the team released a major patch and, admittedly, it was pushed prematurely. Our Database was substantially older than most and with the recent Core Overhaul some items have gone missing, as you may have noticed. Along with other various bugs on the server, you are probably wondering “Whats going on?”

What led to this mess? Unfortunately, the patch was not tested to its fullest extend; The team really dropped the ball on this one. Development, Admining, Website, Forums, Bills, Patching have all fallen on my shoulders; All of that while I work 40+ Hours a week and have a family, has made things difficult. Pressure from the Community and advisers resulted in releasing the update premature, this will not happen anymore. From now on we will have a development cycle that will fully vet our new content, and will be released when we are secure in the fact the patch will not have negative repercussions on the server. The team will work tirelessly at making sure things are stable, and released in a timely fashion. I deeply apologize for the inconvenience this has caused everyone, especially those who have been loyal to Restoration from the start.

However, It is time to move forward!

I won't lie, We have a rocky road ahead of us, and the Future of Restoration won’t be for everyone.  However what is currently in works makes me optimistic about the future.

So with that said, I am pleased to announce…

Restoration is will be undergoing, The Combat Restoration. All the details on this major overhaul are located here

So what does this mean between now and the Combat Restoration? Early implementation.
Combat will be disabled between now and the Combat Restoration Patch. The server will be receiving patches to address Bugs, Convert items, Clean up and Maintenance required before the release of this giant patch.

We will still be online for your social interaction, crafting and peace of mind that your Characters are not gone, and won’t be removed. We will NOT wipe the server with the update. I cannot reiterate this enough, your hard work will be saved. Disabling Combat is a necessary step during our pre launch process; This is the only way I can keep the server online, and move forward without wiping the server.

I cannot begin to express my thanks to the loyal supporters of Restoration, you are one of the best communities I have been apart of. We will be placing Veteran rewards on your character after the Combat Restoration, as well as respec tokens.

Thank you again for your loyal support
Lead Restoration Developer/Server Admin
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