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Update 6-15
« on: June 17, 2017, 01:34:39 PM »
Some Features are marked as disabled, They had minor adjustments or bugs before the update release and will be fixed ASAP.

GCW is fully implemented
   Planetary Control feature will affect which factional NPC spawn in certain cities.

NPC Changes
   NPC’s now are labeled by a difficulty rating.
   Basic – Pretty simple, just starting off.
   Silver Elite – Harder than Basic but can still be killed with Basic Professions
Gold Elite – Can be soloed but only if well geared and taped, otherwise will require a group to kill.
   Bosses – Requires groups of players to kill.

Jedi Unlock
New Jedi unlock system will require one to unlock Force Sensitive tree (see below) then unlock Jedi through the Force Sensitive tree.

Force Sensitive
New Profession!
Force Sensitive is a stepping stone into becoming a Jedi.  Can also be used alongside with other professions to make some interesting builds, Nightsister style builds for example.
Force Sensitive will bring a handful of new abilities that you can carry with you if you proceed to Jedi.
   Current Force Sensitive tree has been renamed.

Current Jedi life system is being replaced
   Old: When a Jedi ran out of lives their skills were reset and they were forced to regrind.
New: Jedi’s still have lives but when they run out they are turned into a ghost for a period of time.
Disabled: This new ghost feature gives them access to some special features but they will be unable to gain experience until their reset timer is over.  Jedi regenerate their lives over time to a maximum of 10.

Reason:  After years of watching the old system, in essence when you died on your Jedi, You needed to regrind. This can take a few days or a few weeks depending on how much time you play, The theory is a "Cooldown" on your Jedi so its not constantly capable for Battle (Thus making it the only character some people play) However iv seen countless players get frustrated over the idea of having to "Regrind". With the new system, we hope to remove some of the frustration or feeling of "starting over" and simply put Jedi on cooldown when they clone, Now you with the glowy system, You only lose FRS Boxes and are placed in Glowy for a set number of days based on your FRS Rank when you died. You can still access the Jedi but you cannot engage in any combat, And you will not be attackable either.

   Many new quests added for the Death Watch and Black Sun.
   Questlines added to familiar Star Wars NPC’s including IG-88, Boba Fett and Bossk.
   Rotating Quest System – Quests are generated randomly and change from day to day
   Avenging Mort Quest Chain Added (Neutral Ark only!)
   Mort Can be found at Talus Deric Cantina
   Server will no longer restart daily.
Server restart will be either a weekly or bi-weekly restart but this is dependent on the performance of the server.

   Difficulty has been scaled down slightly.  And may get more fine tuning over time.
   Cost for vendor items has been decreased.

Marauder Armor
   Disabled All 3 sets of Marauder Armor have been added to loot tables.
Factional Armor
   Factional armor schematics no longer require as many identical armor segments.
Skill Enhancing Attachments
Disabled SEA’s should be easier to obtain as more NPC’s can now drop useful tapes that couldn’t previously.

New Weapon Schematics added to Death Watch and Black Sun Vendors
      Sandcrawler schematic has been added.
      Disabled Tusken Helm schematic has been added.

   Disabled There have been many textures added to enhance the effects of the game.
      Colorable Bone Armor
      Faction-Neutral Padawan Robe
      Rebel AT-XT