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Publish 2: The Dormant Federation Update 4
« on: November 13, 2016, 05:51:00 PM »
Naboo has been gone over, Now featuring 5 new hidden POIs/Badges, revamped Planetary spawns and tweeked original POIs.

The Narglatch and Mauler POIs have updated loot in the lootboxes, Bone armor and Chitin armor is one of the available loots that would be useful for new players. Both places are doable by your basic Marksman and Brawler professions.

Hardbox from Tusken has been fixed
Heavy Lightning Cannon tapes (unused) have been removed from the loot tables

Cybernetic legs now craft with +35 Terrain Negotiation built into them

Melee Professions
Berserk1 has been moved to Brawler Master, Berserk2 moved into Swordsman

Berserk has been modified, now abilities can be used in Combat with Berserk up and the damage system runs off a new skill tape.
All old Berserk tapes will be obsolete and new tapes will be introduced to push it past its base 25% damage increase ( at Master Swordsman )
Berserk offers increased accuracy, damage at the cost of lowering your Melee and Range Defense for the duration of the buff.
You will need to retrain Swordsman to get the effect a CSR can assist if you contact them.

Pikeman's PolearmArea2 has been updated, 3.75 damage 0.25 speed changed from 3.0 damage and 0.5 speed. It has a higher sac then Polearmhit3 making it expensive to use but powerful in the right situation.

Combat Medic
Deuterium Toss now has a higher base DOT, a new Skill modifier will be available soon to increase the damage to a maximum of 300 with a base at 100. The Skill Modifier will likely effect other abilities in the Combat Medics arsenal.

Introduction Quest to Death Watch and Black Sun difficulty has been lowered slightly.
New Crusader MK II and MK III armors now on the vendors
Crusader Armors have had insignias removed to fit our server.
Customization is currently unavailable on these armors but will be fixed ASAP!
New Rifle, Knuckler and Sword on Clans Vendor! Remaining weapons to be added are: Heavy, Carbine, 1H Sword and Polearm.

a New Experience System has been placed on the server to promote Group Based leveling.

Taken from some of my Personal favorite times in SWG was Spin Groups, I wanted to Promote that feeling of making a full party and hunting lairs for both EXP and Cash.

EXP is still x8 for our non combat professions, Combat professions is now subjective. Your base rate solo is considerably lower, Partying with another player increases EXP gained, Larger the party the more EXP gained. You must all be in range of each other (64m) and with a full credited party (10 players) You have higher EXP rates then previously set on the server.

To compliment this, the HP on Bols and Pikets has been increased on Dantooine, more NPCs will follow soon.

Bounty hunters should now be attackable by a Jedi target of the same faction


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Re: Publish 2: The Dormant Federation Update 4
« Reply #1 on: November 13, 2016, 05:58:17 PM »
Note: If you have a "texture" folder inside your client, delete the folder to see new loading screens released in this update. Thank you!

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Re: Publish 2: The Dormant Federation Update 4
« Reply #2 on: November 13, 2016, 07:21:29 PM »
^ if you don't want to delete the whole folder because you have mods in the texture folder, you only need to delete the Texture/loading/space/images/ file to see the new loader.