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Announcement 8-4
« on: August 04, 2016, 10:48:35 PM »
Its been quiet so I wanted to make an announcement.

One problem we have been having since the start of the server is rushed patches trying to fill the void some people feel, Iv decided this will stop.
No more do I want to be rushing content out because someone is board or threatening to quit.

I want updates to be objective, 100% complete and working. In the past iv skimped on little stuff like icons, or skill descriptions but no more.
Thats not to say bugs wont happen, its inevitable that mistakes get made. Even professions make mistakes but I will be putting full effort into
ensuring updates are as polished and tested as possible before they hit the live server.

Some people get upset at a lack of content or boredom, How ever its hard for a small team to feed some hardcore players abilitiy to crunch and grind new stuff so fast.. Many people love this server despite frustrations so I want to emphasize Restoration will always be online, So if you need your break or what ever, we will always be here.

Now in more positive light, heres whats currently planned and being worked on.

Next Major Update #2:

Commando Revamp
Combat Medic Revamp
New Soloable Dungeon
New Nightsister loot

Following Major Update #3:
Geo cave/Clone Relics

Major Update #4;
Ranger Revamp
Creature Handler Revamp

The Jedi changes are being spread out into all of these patches and the final push to Jedi will probably be update 4 or maybe 5.

This is just the highlights of the coming updates, theres a lot more fluff thats not mentioned.

Each update will have some back tracking to fix previous issues/bugs as well.

With all that being said, The next update is taking longer then I wanted but iv also been short staffed since I went on vacation due to various reasons. We are always recruiting to have a larger team so if you are interested in becoming staff, Message me on Discord.

I have a distinct vision for this server, and with its ups and downs I thrive on maintaining that vision because once that goal is reached, it will be worth it.

Thank you for your continued support community!

PS i removed ads from the forums, so the mobile version should work much better now.