SWG Restoration is a Combat Upgrade based Emulation of Star wars galaxies with new quests, new items, new classes, and a unique Jedi system.
How To Install



Written by: Morpheus

Accurate as of: 2/19/2018


Welcome to the SWG RestorationCU! We are glad you have decided to play on our server. This guide is intended to walk you through every step of the installation process. Even if you don’t need them all, they are here for your convenience.



You’ve already accomplished this step by finding these instructions. Great start!



DISCLAIMER: Although the original Star Wars Galaxies disks are not required to install the SWG RestorationCU Launcher and client, each player is required by copyright laws to own a set of disks to be allowed to play on any SWG Emulation server. This disclaimer serves as a notice that any failure by a player to comply with copyright laws is not the responsibility of the SWG RestorationCU server or staff.








Depending on your web browser you will see different things for this step.



Chrome should be defaulted to automatically save your files into your downloads folder. When it is done double-click the box for the file in the bottom left corner of the screen.



























Edge default settings will have a prompt along the bottom of the browser that gives you options on what to do with the file. We suggest you simply click “Save” and it should be defaulted to save it in your downloads folder.

































After it is done downloading you will again see a prompt at the bottom of the browser with several options. We suggest you simply click “Run”.
































Firefox should have a popup box that confirms you want to download the file. Click “Save File” and it should be defaulted to save it in your downloads folder.
















When the file is done downloading you will need to click the down arrow near the top right corner of the browser and a drop-down menu will appear. Double-click the launcher file.






























Assuming you are running Windows there will be a popup box for Windows Defender not recognizing the launcher as an app. You will need to click the “More info” link near the top left.



































After you click the “More info” link for Step 4 click the “Run anyway” button in the bottom right corner of that same box to actually run the launcher.




































This is where you will first get to see our installation process actually begin. We recommend you do a standard installation at this point. To do so simply click the “Next >” button and skip to STEP 7 of these instructions. If you want to do a customized installation continue immediately below.






























To do any custom installation options you will need to click the “Browse…” button just to the right of the installation location path.































You will need click through your folder system in order to pick your custom installation location and then click the “OK” button.


















Then click the “Next >” button and continue to STEP 7.













The installer will then give you an option to “Create a desktop shortcut”. We highly recommend you use this option by ensuring the box is checked and then click the “Next >” button.



























When the launcher is done installing you will be given the option to “Launch SWG RestorationCU”, which OBVIOUSLY you will all do! Make sure the box is checked and then click the “Finish” button to open our launcher.





























Our launcher icon is shown in the top of this screenshot. Most players find it ideal to run the launcher as an administrator, especially if they installed to a custom path location. If you are not running the launcher as administrator continue to STEP 9 below.
































If you are choosing to run the launcher as an administrator or need to do so because of a custom installation location then right click on your desktop icon and select “Properties” at the bottom of the pop-up menu.
































Next click the “Compatibility” tab towards the top right of the box.





































Click the “Run this program as an administrator” box towards the bottom of the box to “check” it.








































Click the “Apply” button on the bottom right of the box and then the “OK” box on the bottom left of the box.









































If you are done setting the launcher to run as an administrator you can now double-click the desktop shortcut to start it
































You may need to click “Yes” to a popup confirming you want to run the program as an administrator but then you will see our launcher! Please enjoy the slideshow as it updates your files to the most recent patch for our server(s). Please be aware that the first few files are very large and the percentage bar may not progress much at first. For your convenience several launcher/server/in-game options are able to be set from our launcher. See those screenshots below. If you only plan to have one character online at a time and don’t wish to make any changes you may skip down to the PLAY step below.
































The first option you will see in the drop-down menu is the ability to have the patcher close when you launch the game. This is off by default and will reset to off each time the launcher is started. If you want it to close while you play you will have click that box to check it.
































If you highlight the “Select Server” drop down there will be a secondary drop down that gives you a choice of servers. The default server that most people will play on is the “Restoration CU” option. That is our live CU server you should choose unless you want to be helping us test new changes. If you want to play on our “Resto Testo” Test Server we welcome the help testing updated fixes and content before it goes to the live CU server. You can click that option to launch into that server.



























There are many in-game options that can be set from the “Options” menu of the drop-down menu. These options are fairly advanced and each player should choose what is best for them.































Most players find their ideal graphics settings are to have their “Game Resolution” be the same as their desktop. Many players also find that “Windowed Mode” and “Borderless Window” mode options allow for the best “alt tabbing” performance. Those options are shown in this screen shot. Feel free to view other tabs of the in-game options and choose what is best for you.

































When your launcher is done patching the “PLAY” button in the bottom left corner of your launcher will become lit and you can launch your game to come join us in-game. We look forward to gaming with you and hope you enjoy your time on SWG RestorationCU!
































The server is set for auto-registry so logging in to the server for the first time is what creates your in-game account. In-game accounts are not linked to forum accounts so please make sure you type in your username and password how you want them to log into the game each time. The login screen is shown below. The username and password boxes are at the bottom center of the screen with the username on top and the password on the bottom. If you aren’t the first person to make an in-game account see the MULTIPLE PLAYERS IN ONE HOUSESHOLD instructions below.


































If more than one person will be playing from the same IP then anybody after the first person will experience the error shown below. To create a second account, you will need to obtain permission from Halo in Discord. If you are absolutely unable to get on Discord then please private message Halo on the forums for access.