Restoration III and the future of the Restoration Project

As you may or may not have heard, Restoration Gaming has begun work on a new Combat Upgrade server based on the NGE source code called Restoration III.

This new server will allow us to better emulate the combat and balance of the Combat Upgrade than the current live server RestorationCU, as well as include some NGE features that we consider an upgrade over what the CU had, such as the NGE creature crafting system, the reverse engineering system, and the option of levelling through questing.

It will also include most NGE content, as well as some custom content. Kashyyyk, Mustafar, and Jump to Lightspeed will all be included at launch, as well as the Heroic Instances.

Jedi on Restoration III will retain many of the “hardcore” mechanics implemented on Restoration Classic and RestorationCU.

The current publicly accessable server is RestorationCU (Resto2), an open-source Combat Upgrade based server built on Core3 (the swgemu codebase). Feel free to play here for the time being, as we have no intention of wiping or shutting Resto2 down even after the new server launches.

To discuss Restoration III, or see the latest developement info, join our discord channel HERE. We are also looking to fill a galactic senate, and QA positions for Restoration III. you can apply for those positions by direct messaging either myself or Halo on Discord.

We are at capacity at capacity for the current wave of testing, but we will announce the next wave on Discord when we are ready to increase the TC population. Applications are still accepted in the mean time HERE

Patch 2.5


Resource Smugglers Event, Running in game now. System Messages denote location of NPCs spawned


Some Combat Log string errors have been fixed
Knock Down Recovery sticking in que fixed
Village Phase 1 Crafting crash Fixed
Smuggler Overwelming Shot stability issue fixed
Ris armor components fixed
Boba Hard Daily Stability issue fixed
Stability Issues with Combat Medic Fixed
Black Sun Intro quest re-written for better stability


Weapon Slicing Implemented


Doctor now buffing correct substats instead of primary stats for closer CU Emulation


Brawler Taunt overhauled and functional


New Content
NPC AI Improved
Smuggler Slicing Components now drop from various NPCs

Housing wont destroy anymore

New Features
Resource Container size increased
Bounty Hunter Mission loot tables improved
Elemental Damage modified, Only weapons that should have elemental damage have it, instead of all Weapons.
Player Combat Level displaying in Character sheet
Combat adjustments for more accurate Emulation
Towers Nerfed
Weapon Crafting Adjusted, Better Weapons craft easier now, Better Emulation of CU
Flytext improved in various spots for closer CU Emulation
Resource Quality tapes implemented, Now improving Resources up to 10%
New Veteran Rewards
Publish 3 Gifts awarded until the end of January

Village Gate, Must drop any ranking from Death Watch, Black Sun, Ect, Ect before starting Village trials
Force Powers improved damage across the board
Force Choke Dot Damage improved
Force Strike now on a different Cooldown Group

Some UI Improvements

Hotfix 2.1

  • Armor Break fixes
  • Called Shot Implemented
  • Rancor loot fixed
  • Spacial chat should no longer be tied to the global cooldown
  • Restuss vendors should now sell their items for the listed price.
  • Fixed the Call Speeder timer
  • FRS Xp adjusted. you should be gaining a much larger ammount now.
  • non combat professions should no longer be trapped knocked down.

Greetings Restoration Community. While its been quiet around here, There has been a lot of activity in the background.

Many bugs have been fixed, a handful of new content is being worked on and a roadmap for the future is under discussion.

Currently we need to Staff the project with some more helping hands, We need some dedicated Testers and CSRs to help keep everything going. If you’re interested in helping out, Please send us a Message.

We are planning to go Open Source before September, Allowing external help from the rest of the Emu team.

Thank you for your continued support over the years.

~Restoration Administration.

Patch 2.04

  • Drop chance for Shrine Guardian robe tokens adjusted. They are now more easily obtainable.
  • Some fixes to roots and snares.
  • Force cost for a number of powers abilities decreased.
  • Speed equation fixed.
  • Innate armor no longer ignores elemental damage.
  • The difference between attacker accuracy and defender defense stat now determines where in the weapon’s damage range it hits.
  • Equation determining credits received when looting adjusted.
  • Fix for rifles animations
  • New vet rewards including XP boost token
  • Master Mechanic vehicle repair now working

Hotfix 2.03

  • Removed Rori Restuss as a Trial City for Jedi
  • Disabled Village phase3 Capture Enemy Leadership Testing mode
  • Fixed Force Infusion Again
  • Fixed Pve Armorbreak issue
  • Fixed Level scaling PvE EXP issue
  • Account Creation Bug fixed relating to Vet Rewards
  • Force Powers Cost Updated to Pub 19+
  • Sabers gen 1-3 FC lower
  • Tusken Tweaks for drops
  • Force Armor updated to later CU Values – Now stacks on top of Innate Jedi
  • DWB/BSB Mandalorian hardening Agent quest waypoint fixed
  • Groups now cap missions lvl of 85
  • Regain Consciousness now puts Force Ghost on for 30 seconds to “get out
    of jail”
  • Force Choke Damage Over Time Fixed
  • Force Powers Base Accuracy Increased
  • Jedi NPCs now have blue or green lightsabers, rather than red ones.
  • Strings for collection kits, and flytext fixed.
  • new Tapes added to loot table: Ranged and melee accuracy and speed

Hotfix 2.01

  • Bols now on Mission terminals for high level players
  • Fixed a bug with Sith Shadow Thug HAM
  • Fixed Restuss NPC spawn timers
  • Cleaned up Sensor array code, more transparent
  • Removed unneeded NPC spawns
  • Exploit checks for pre knight trials – Won’t allow players with DWB/BSB/Imp/Reb ranks to do trials if they had rank before.

Patch 2.0 Released

  • Combat queue completely rewritten for much smoother, more responsive, and cu-accurate experience. All abilities now have the correct cooldowns, and because of this, the “repeat tax” has been removed.
  • lightsaber crafting rebalanced.
  • lightsaber elemental damage added.
  • pearl and crystal caps adjusted. max damage decreased, speed increased.
  • over 30 completely new, resto-exclusive jedi robes added.
  • style 2 jedi and style 2 sith robes obtainable from new bosses. 4-5 of these bosses spawn on each planet.
  • two new, resto-exclusive, armor sets (imperial saber guard, and imperial shadow guard) added.
  • FRS and PVPRS unlocked! The first tier of Jedi, Sith, Black Sun, Death Watch, Stormtrooper, and Rebel SpecForce are now obtainable.
  • RESTUSS IS HERE. Complete restuss quests for a number of exciting rewards such as armor, weapons, and resource deeds.
  • Knight trials for force sensitive have been added. This branching quest acts as the entry quest for Jedi and Sith FRS.
  • death watch and black sun bunkers now enterable. bunkers contain many quests for rep spendable on faction vendors inside bunker. mandalorian armors, bounty hunter armor, jetpacks, and mandalorian weapons available on bunker vendors as schematics. purchased with black sun and death watch rep.
  • Mort and the Trade Federation Viceroy have both returned from their vacation to Space Vegas and appear ingame as intended again.
  • CoB and similar buffs now show up in buff tray
  • New login and loading screen.
  • NGE houses now have real doors. No more sliding flowers.
  • palette tweak: NGEblack lightened slightly to appear black without losing clothing details.
  • palette tweak: lightsaber colors yellow, dark yellow, orange, and brown have been adjusted to look better, and more unique.
  • armor break equation rewritten to be more CU-accurate.
  • a large number of abilities tweaked to be more CU-accurate.
  • CU npc stats added in. NPCs now have and accuracy and defense stat like players. Elite and Boss difficulty npc’s have an armor rating like player armor.
  • Combat Level set to CU levels for all NPCs
  • NPC CL now viewable in /examine
  • NPC stats set to match each NPC’s CL and difficulty rating. Accurate to the LiveCU level table.
  • killing enemies in corellian corvette no longer crashes server.
  • gaining vis as a jedi now automatically marks them as special forces
  • fix for cybernetics crafting not accepting polymer
  • Paddy trials NPCs no longer spawn inside walls
  • Talking to shipwright trainer no longer crashes server
  • Color Crystals no longer degrade with use.
  • Corvette Loot adjusted